December 12th, 1999, Tavastia Club

Sykes & Gorham

Thin Lizzy definitely lived up to my expectations. They performed most of the classics, including "Jailbreak", "Suicide", "Still In Love With You" and "Boys Are Back In Town", altogether some ninety minutes of music.

Sykes & Tommy

The vocals of Sykes weren't always really audible, but the fact that I was standing right in the middle, in front of Scott Gorham may have had an effect on that.

All the unnecessary solos were left out and the band concentrated on songs, which I thought was a good move. Drummer Tommy Aldridge did perform an entertaining solo, first with regular drumsticks, then with bare hands - in real "Animal" fashion!

The band really looked like they were enjoying themselves, even though it was real close that the gig wasn't cancelled, as the bass player had had some passport problems in Norway. He did arrive just in time for the gig though.


Afterwards the band came to the bar and gave autographs to those who were after them and just hang out with the fans. They appeared to be really nice guys. A few of us Dare fans were at the gig, and Darren Wharton was really pleased for the attention he got. He told us that we can expect a new Dare album early next year.

Thin Lizzy had pulled in a a sizeable crowd, but the place wasn't too full, thankfully. All in all a pleasant gig, and my rating would be 8+, on a scale of 4 to 10.

Text and photos by Vesa Nuorala