"Trapped in this nightmare I wish I'd wake As my whole life begins to shake. Four walls surround me an empty gaze. I can't find my way out of this maze". It's a MADHOUSE! Don't go thinking 'Anthrax' though! This is lunatic Hair Metal and Sleaze/Glam in the fun tradition of the eighties glamour. The debut album "Money Talks Bullshit Walks" of Austrians Glam Rockers, MADHOUSE, includes twelve tracks full of cheeky rock and naughty messages (or vice versa for that matters). It's the whole she-bang including hairy-scary vibes in the style of Faster Pussycat, KIX, Tuff and Steel Panther (the latter minus the most juvenile, no-fun, sickening lyrics). Find out more about the crazy gang and their music. Here's guitar player: FREDDY HEART...

How has the reaction to your new album and videos been? I noticed the sticker: Parental advisory - explicit content??

F: What the what??? Parental advisory? It is clearly an explicit family album. Whoever wants to put us on the index is a worthless piece of sh*t! Which is actually one of our songs. I guess, parental advisory is justified.

Could you explain the meaning and connection behind artwork (Pig in shades) and the title of "Money Talks Bullshit Walks"?

F: Well, that pig has quite a story and created a big stink in the band. But that story can’t be told (for now). So, forget about the pig head, you have never seen it!! The title track Money talks, bullshit walks is about those folks who talk a lot and think they are a big deal, but in the end only money rules. Cheap talk gets you nowhere, cash money is what makes things happen. That being said…. we need a lot of money. Buy that record, NOW!!!

What kind of 'sound' and 'style', did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

F: We were in agreement that the late 80s early 90s rock sound/style would be our thing. Everything else evolved from there and we are still evolving. Musically, of course, as human beings we regressed to a monkey state.

Are you pleased with the outcome and how would you describe your album to any potential new fan.

F: Yes, we are thrilled about the end product and actually we had a hard time to pick the songs that finally made in on the record. We have material for another album and we’ll probably release them in the near future. If we don’t implode tomorrow. I don’t want to describe the album, I am too biased. Just listen to it. If you love it, we love you.

Kindly tell us something about the writing process and what you're trying to capture.

F: There could be only a guitar riff in the beginning that will define the whole song and lyrics, or vice versa. As for the lyrics, sometimes I only have a sentence that I pick up somewhere (news, social media, friends…) and I build on that and later the song will be composed around it. So, there are different approaches, sometimes it works out and sometimes it goes right in the toilet.

What kind of input did 3-piece-suits, fans, friends, have during the process?

F: Well, we don’t live a in a vacuum and we get influences from everywhere.

Do tell us something about "Knuckle Sandwich". What's it all about? :-)

F: It’s about a dude with anger management issues, actually he’s got several issues. Kind of a loose cannon, one drink too many, or a wrong look and he goes ballistic. We all know THAT guy. They are everywhere. Peace out!

What inspired you to write a song about 'Crazy Nights? I believe that KISS wrote about Crazy Crazy Nights [a song so nice they had to mention crazy twice] :-)

F: Damn it!! I knew, it! We should have named it “Crazy, crazy, crazy nights”. Go big, or go home. But the next song will be called “Lick it, lick it up”. We won’t make that same mistake twice. Anyhow, it’s still a cool song, about basically nothing than being crazy.

Regarding hair metal and overall image. Is it important to have matching outfits and hairdos? and what about influences?

F: What do you mean by “outfits”? Our daily clothes look like outfits to you? Sad! Influences? Oh boy, that would be a long list, since each of us has a different story. Starts with Chuck Berry and ends with… there is no end. We’re still soaking up new music like sponges.

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do

F: Keep on rocking in a free world. Which becomes harder and harder nowadays. We are Madhouse, but sometimes I have the feeling the whole world is a madhouse. Cool your jets and don’t take everything so damn seriously. Thanks for the interview. /Freddy Heart /Madhouse


INTERVIEW by: Urban Wally Wallstrom
Photos from the band's Facebook page, link above.

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