Here´s an Small Interview with the Legend "Mark Mangold"(ex. American Tears,Touch,Drive She Said,)He has also been working with Michael Bolton,Mystic Healer and many others.SIGNS OF LIFE is a new supergroup with Randy Jackson(Zebra)Terry Brock(Strangeways) they will release their album late 2000 on the Frontiers/Now&Then label.....Catchy Hooks for sure

Hello Mark! Can you please start with telling us all that you can! About SIGNS OF LIFE : How did you all get in contact with each other, How many songs have you done(what can you tell about them ?) And will Terry Brock, Randy Jackson & you sing lead ???

Well, I've known Randy and Terry for years and coincidentally Strangeways had opened up for Zebra a few times on various tours through the years.  The original idea came from Mario and Serafino at Frontiers, and from there we put together the band.    We've been writing for about  a month now and it's turning out wonderfully.   This album is going to be fun to do, alot of playing, soloing, harmonies up the wazoo and very catchy songs.  The combination of Randy, Terry and myself brings alot of different directions to the table and it's great fun putting it all together.  We have about 11 songs written thus far.

Your last recording (Mystic Healer) was released on the MTM label
Why did you choose to record SIGNS OF LIFE on  the Now & then/Frontiers label ?

Basically, as I said it was the idea of Frontiers and they are very behind
the band.

Your solo-album (Mirror image) is a "softer" Piano-album about Global Healing,The 4 elements and how to become a more spiritual person Which songs from the album are you most pleased with ! And what can you tell about your book and faith

That's quite a question.  I frankly love the entire album, taken as a whole, of course, it's my album after all.  The messages in Homeworld, The World, In A Healing Way, Physical and Spiritual, 42nd Street are very dear to me.  The new record is almost done and contains more messages in this positive and co-creative vein.  To see it all, the site at has the new book "The New Faith" which is scheduled for release in a month or so on Vantage Press.Also is a site we put together that is very self-explanatory and is starting to get alot of hits and assist people in
certain ways.

TOUCH was the first band,ever That played on MONSTERS OF ROCK !(England) What did you think about it back then & do you remember if it was a great show..or ?
Wonderful show, great fun and of course Doug and the "bee", it's on that LP Monsters of Rock and you can hear for yourself.

Of all the songs that you´ve written and recorded ! Can you write down a  Top-5 (that you like most) or is that a mission impossible ?
That's kind of difficult, usually it's the song I'm writing at that moment. 
Some of the songs on my new solo record are definitely up there.  I just
really keep on going and don't think about things like that, and it may
change from day to day, and I'll probably forget a real favorite I don't know.

How did you get in contact with Michael Bolton ?  And have you ever asked him about doing a new AOR album,together with you   :-)
(or is he forever stuck in the "Housewife" music ? Just kidding )
A Mangold/Bolton AOR album..sounds good to me  :-)

Yes, I first met Michael years ago, I guess his manager introduced us, the wonderful Louis Levin.  I doubt Michael will do a metal album again, though it would be fun and a nice treat.  He's got the voice.

What kind of music do you listen to today ? And can you find any new
Melodic Hardrock/AOR that you like ?

Not much here in the States, it doesn't really exist as such anymore.  I
guess we'll just have to try to do it ourselves.

Do you have any contact with the members from American Tears,Touch and Drive she said(Al Fritsch) And have you heard Doug Howard´s album: Stun Leer ? if so ...what do you think about it?

Yes, I hang with Al all the time.  The Touch and American Tears guys, wow that's been MANY years.  I speak to Doug occassionally and like what he did with Stun Leer.  

A Big Thank You ! To Mr.Mangold for answering some stupid Q´s Find out more at his site.