This is actually our second interview with Mark Mangold, as Urban interviewed him for "Catchy Hooks" over a year ago. That interview is now archived on our site, and in a way, this is a sequel to that!

1. Tell me what is going on in your life right now? New music to be expected, or what?

Yes, Al and I are just finishing up a Drive, She Said record, which is turning out very well I am happy to say. Trying not to make ANY sacrifices, due to budget etc. Also finished my second solo record, which I am trying to get out there, as well as a piano improvisations CD entitled "Channels". Lastly, just finished a few cuts for a more "modern" (US style) band and we're off to get a deal here in the States.

2. Tell me more about this "modern" band?

Yes, the band is ála Staind, Nickleback, Fuel, Cold Play, etc. Really good stuff.

3. The AOR fans are getting quite excited over the prospect of a new Drive, She Said album. How far are you with it, any idea about the direction?

As above, almost done.

4. You and Al Fritsch were recently involved in the making of the debut 91 Suite album, which turned out to be a very good one. How did you get into that project, did you find the band or did they approach you?

Actually Vinny gave me a mail and we talked about it for a while. He sent me the tracks and it sounded like a very good record so I threw my two cents in by helping a bit on the arrangements and mixing it.

5. Would you be interested on other projects like that, to work with fresh talent?

It depends, it's very time consuming.

6. The Sign was a pretty successful album, not to mention the Gods appearance. Can we expect more "Signs Of Life"?

That also depends, we are overjoyed to do another record but because of the sacrifices it requires, we have to make sure we have the proper support to make it worthwhile.

7. Let's take a retrospective look now: what album/band/project would say has been your greatest success artistically? Commercially I guess "I Found Someone" was a big one...and didn't Touch make some kind of an impact on charts as well?

Strolling down Memory Lane...I think I will have to leave those questions to the people who listen. Usually it's the thing I am working on at the present. Though I must add that my solo stuff has opened up new doors for me, The Sign was great fun and a chance to stretch, and the new D,SS record may be the pinnacle, from an "AOR" point of view. It is really good, if we are able to achieve what we have in mind.

8. Michael Bolton... you said in Urban's interview that you doubt he'll make another metal album, and I guess you're right, but have you talked with him during the last few years? Have you discussed co-writing again? Or is he too deep in his "blue-eyed soul" thing to even consider writing a song or two in the rockier vein?

Wow, your question is filled with your own answers. [Kimmo: yep, I got carried away a bit : P ] Michael is doing very well, he just finished a new record. He's doing what he wants to do and keeps on rockin', in his own way.

9. Finally...did you make any new year's resolutions?

Actually, not really any particularly for New Year's. I would say I am daily making resolutions and trying to accomplish things so I would have to say the fact that it's 2002 doesn't effect that too much. At present my main things are to get some of this new music out there. The "personal life" is wonderful thank God and I am able to focus on the creative stuff.

Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,
Pics provided by Mark Mangold,