U - Hey Jacob! What's the story behind naming your new CD "Fame Among The Vulgar" are you referring to your fans as the "Vulgar" people here or what? :-)

JB - The title "Fame Among The Vulgar" is referring to the music industry. The vulgar people are always looking for the next big thing instead of developing the acts they already have. You get one shot these days with the major labels. If your first single doesn't sell a million copies, they forget all about you and move on to something else.

U - How would you describe the overall sound of your new CD, if you compare it with the "Beautiful Something" album?

JB - The new CD is a lot heavier in some places than "Beautiful Something". The songs reflect the mood of the band. We wanted to make a straight ahead rock album. We still have some ballads on the record (Descend, Don't Say Goodbye), but over all the new record is harder than the last one.

U - I believe that some credit must also go to producer Joey Donatello (Michael Jackson). How did you hook up with him in the first place and did he understand what you were looking for, soundwise?

JB - We met Joey when we were playing a show in Charleston, SC. He was there on Business and came out to see us. He fell in love with the band and really believed in what we were doing. He asked us to come to Chicago and make a record. It was a great experience working with him. He knew exactly what we were looking for soundwise.

U - Are you pleased with your new situation at Atenzia Records and your thoughts about losing the Portrait deal?

JB - We were very frustrated with our Portrait deal. We feel that we didn't get a fair chance. After we lost our deal with Portrait, we all went our separate ways. A few months later, Magnus Soderkvist from Atenzia contacted me about a new record. I am extremely happy with the new situation at Atenzia. Magnus really believes in the music and is a really great guy.

U - Can you tell us a little bit about the lyrics featured on this CD. Do you usually write from your own experiences or would you rather like to call yourself a "storyteller"?

JB - I write from my own experiences as well as things that I see going on around me. I am also a storyteller. The song "Baby's Got A Brand New Life" is about Wendy 'O Williams, the singer for the punk band The Plasmatics.

U - Yeah, "Baby's Got A Brand New Life" is a smashing song about the tragic ending of Wendy O'Williams. Do tell us a little bit about your "memories" or thoughts about Wendy and why you decided to write this song about her.

JB - I wrote this song about her because I have always been fascinated by her and her band. The song is about the life she left behind to become famous and how it all fell apart tragically at the end.

U - I really enjoy the violin part in "Bemused" (a bit short though). Whatever made you think about using it in your music?

JB - I love to play the violin. I think it's a very beautiful instrument. I used it on "Bemused" because it is such a contrast to the rest of the song. I like using instrumentation that is unsuspected.

U - Did you start out as a violin player as a kid?

JB - I started out on Piano and then drums. I picked up violin later on.

U - What the heck is "Disco King" all about really? John Travolta on acid? :-)

JB - Disco King is about a bar that used to be in my home town. Every Thursday night they would have disco night. I wrote the song about a guy I saw that was trying to pick up underage girls.

U - What's the most important thing when writing songs in your opinion. The hook, the groove, or pleasing the record label?

JB - The most important thing to me about writing a song is saying what you want to say and being happy with the finished product. Song writing is very therapeutic to me.

U - Did you always consider yourself a singer/frontman?

JB - I used to just play the guitar in my bands, but singers were always hard to find.. so I started singing.

U - I know you grew up listening to arena bands like Motley Crue, Scorpions etc. How was it like touring with your old "heroes" all over the states?

JB - It was a great experience. We had so much fun playing with those bands. Our first big tour we went on after we signed to Portrait was with Great White and Dokken. That was a great time.

U - If we're still talking about influences and old rock heroes. Which bands/artists would you name as your main thing?

JB - Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Poison, Mutt Lange, Steve Vai and many more.

U - What's in your CD-player nowadays?

JB - Bluegrass music , Shania Twain, Def Leppard.

U - When can we expect Mars Electric on tour throughout Europe?

JB - As soon as you guys bring us over there.

U - If Mars is Electric than Venus must be....

JB - A hot chick

U - If there's anything you'd like to say, add, or promote. Please do:

JB - I'd like to say thank you for the interview. www.marselectric.com

Interview/ Q & A by: Urban "Wally" Wallström, and Jacob Bunton.
www.RockUnited.com 2003

Thanx to: Magnus Söderkvist