Live in De Bosuil, Weert, The Netherlands 12-12-2009

The Northern-Irish born and bred Simon McBride started his career when he was fifteen years young. He was recruited to become a member of the band Sweet Savage, which was run by no one less than Vivian Campbell Later on Simon also played the guitar in a band called The Commitments, the group of Andrew Strong.

He released his first solo album Rich Man Falling back in 2009 and he also played on Bospop later on in that year.

So, this was the second time that I heard/saw Simon McBride in the flesh and again it was a real musical treat. However, it was very disappointing to witness that there were only a handful of people who came to this show…. If you like blues rock, you should have been there that evening! Luckily Simon seemed to be in a good mood and he played like the venue was packed with people.

A lot of songs from his debut album were on tonight’s set list and especially songs like So Much Love To Give, Down To The River, You Got A Problem and the title track sounded amazingly good. Simon’s guitar picking is really out of this world and when he started playing Jimi Hendrix songs the “crowd” got wild. Simon’s versions of Hendrix classics such as Red House, Little Wing and Power Of Soul were truly out of this world; man this guy can play the guitar…

We were also treated to a new song of his forthcoming album, namely Dead Man Walking. And if the rest of the new material is as good as that track, then his new album will even be better than his fabulous debut album.

So, a great blues rock concert it was and for those who stayed at home, better luck next time and be there if Simon McBride plays somewhere in your neighbourhood!!

Review by Martien Koolen
Photos by Augie Rothkrantz
26 January 2010
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