RockUnited.Com interviewed the prestigious "Album Of The Year" winner, Michael Bormann, the former Jaded Heart singer. These questions were sent to him before the announcement of the "Album Of The Year" awards, so we didn't have the chance to ask him about it though...

Hello Mike! It was nice to meet you at UFOR II festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany last October! How are you doing today?

MB: I feel totally great at the moment, as things are working out so perfectly. In any direction.... Seems like the work of the past 3 years pays off ;-).

Maybe we'll start this interview by going all the way back to your youth. So, how did your musical career start in the beginning?

MB: Well, that´s a long time ago. The very first steps I had in the age of 8 or 9 by trying to play drums on some pots, ha ha ;-).. I remember, that it really got me in the age of 12. Then I wanted to play guitar. So I went to my dad, who was a musician in the 60´s and told him about my plan. From that moment I never stopped.

Jaded Heart fans were sadly informed a couple of years ago that your paths with Jaded Heart had been separated. How do you see the situation nowadays? Was it something that had to be done or could it had been avoided somehow? Would you tell us with your own words what do you think was the biggest reason for you leaving the band?

MB: First of all I would like to say, that I am very sad about the way we split. I wished, it would have been in a normal, fair way. After 14 years been together, of course you miss something. As my exband didn´t have the guts to stand in front of me and confront me with their thoughts, I heard a lotta stories… So, still I don´t exactly know why they fired me. I think that sucks… The anger is gone, but still I am not pleased with the ending.

Your new solo album "Conspiracy" has gotten an outstanding reception. Both fans and reviewers are commending it. You must be very satisfied with the feedback received.

MB: I am more than satisfied. It`s incredible.

There are many deep and touching lyrical concepts on "Conspiracy", like the title track "Conspiracy", "Stand Up" and "So This Could Be You". In fact those are also my favourite tracks. Where have you found the ideas for the lyrics?

MB: Well, I basically write the lyrics at the moment, I sing. So, I never really gather thoughts and bring them down to paper. But in the case of “conspiracy” I had the theme since the split in my head. I just worked on the verses later. To admit one thing: I was never as personal as on this record.

When it comes to musical style of "Conspiracy", one can notice some similarities to Jaded Heart. I guess that the old JH fans will be very much into this CD. Could you tell us something about the composing and writing process of "Conspiracy"?

MB: You are damn right. I used the stuff, that I would have written for JH. I felt like proving myself. I heard a lotta stories and I wanted to make clear, who was JH. I guess I succeeded as the reviews proved. ;-).

You have pretty much done "Conspiracy" by yourself. Was the solo career the only option for you after Jaded Heart?

MB: To be honest. After splitting from something, that used to be “your baby” I saw no sense in putting any effort in a new band. I worked so hard all my life to finally get ripped of. It´s time to get something back. And this is, what happens. It couldn´t be any better. I will definitely stay solo.

You haven't been doing many gigs recently. Do you miss the touring / gigs with Jaded Heart?

MB: No, not really. We had the greatest times together, but I don´t see myself ending up in honkey tonk places…. I mean, I heard about the their last tour…… The shows, that I still do with “RAIN”, oder “REDRUM” are special and I enjoy them.

Are you planning to tour with your new album?

MB: If the right tour came around yes. But only as support of somebody bigger. Maybe like “GOTTHARD”…..

Starting with "Conspiracy", three albums with you on vocals have been released within two months (the other two being Zeno and Rain). Are you concerned that they might compete with each other when it comes to sales, some fans of yours might have to make hard choices... would it have been wiser to release these with longer intervals?

MB: Ok, it could have been better timed. But, this was just another “bad” coincidence. Both records were finished way before I started the recordings to “Conspiracy”. When I decided the release date to ”c”, I still hadn´t heard nothing about the progress on “Rain” and “Zeno”. And I didn´t wanna wait any longer. Then it came like it came… I guess, that all 3 records have their own spirit.


What's your role in these two aforementioned bands? Do you only sing in these bands, or do you take part in the songwriting as well?

MB: On Zeno´s album I really just sing. On “RAIN” I am the main songwriter, bassist and keyboarder ;-).

How would you describe the Zeno and Rain albums, in comparison to "Conspiracy"?

MB: Different both great.

Have you any plans to participate in other projects like Zeno and Rain in near future?

MB: Sure. I´ll be working on material with Tommy Denander, Robby Böbel, Alyson Avenue, and another Swedish band (can´t say the name right now).

You started in 2003 your own recording studio RMB. Could you tell us something about this, what are you hoping to accomplish with it?

MB: First of all I wanted this, because I wasn´t satisfied with the work of all the other labels. Also I wanted to make some money for the change…. To be in control of everything is the biggest advantage. Surely I wanna go a step further and release other albums, but that comes a little later..

What else have you been doing recently besides the new albums? Are the musicical issues taking all your time, or do you have time for some other things as well?

MB: Music is around all the time. At the moment I am finishing the mixes of 2 albums. “REDRUM” and “STEEL DAWN”. As I am writing, I am singing an album of a Swedish band. Then I ´ll produce “CRYSTAL BALL”, right after “SAHARA RAIN”.

So, my year is pretty much set...

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best for 2007! If there is still something you would like to say or tell to our readers, the stage is yours.

MB: Thank you very much. Hope to see you again next time, where ever a festival might be….

Interview by Mira Suutari-Toivonen,
Original photos provided by Michael Bormann

28 January 2007
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