1. Congratulations on your new album, how is life for Matthau Mikojan at the moment?

Life´s good, thanks for asking.

2. Please give us a short brief about the creation process and your sound in general.

Most songs on the album were written a long time ago so I´d say the process started like ten years ago. When I started working on this album all I needed was (a: someone to produce it with me (Lex Luthor), (b: a drummer (Simo Stenman) and (c: someone to put it out (Poko Rekords) . To me the record sounds perfect, exactly the way I wanted it to sound. We tried to sort of recapture `echoes´ from the 60´s and 70´s...

3. You’ve played almost every instrument on the album yourself, how was it like working alone after being in a band for so long.

I loved it. I´m a control freak which means I want everyone to give their best but with Simo and Lex I didn´t have to worry at all because they think pretty much the same with me... musically. I loved working with them.

4. Obviously people still remember you from Bloodpit. In retrospect, how do you feel about that time now and do you think things could’ve worked out differently? Or is it just water under the bridge now?

Well, you know... that´s exactly how I feel right now especially when I have a new album out which has nothing to do with my old band and yet I have to answer all these questions but hey, that´s the way it goes.

5. You’re touring with a live band with your brother (ex-Negative Sir Christus) in it. How permanent will the line-up be and what plans do you have for the family co-operation?

This is simply the best line-up I´ve ever been in and it gives me so much pleasure when it sounds right you know... Tomorrow never knows but when you have guys like Simo, Teemu Broman and Sir Christus around you there´s no point doing another album on your own.

6. How do your goals and views on music and the industry in general differ from when you first started?

Well you need record labels and you need publicity but it´s hard work... every time someone says "they just drink and party and get everything for free etc." I have to bite my lip so I don´t smash their fucking head against the wall.

7. You’ve had your share of good and bad in life as stated also on your MySpace. What have been the major highs and lows so far?

Right now I´d say my solo album (as a major hi ;o) and everything that´s happening right now but the lows...oh my... Say when you´re too depressed to even kill yourself.

8. Speaking of MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/matthaumikojan), your album is there for everyone to listen. The feedback is probably coming in already, how has it been and how important is it to you?

It it very important and it is exciting to see what people think of my music...

9. Anything you’d like to say, promote or let the world know that has not been covered yet?

No, I like to keep low profile...ha ha!

Interview by Petri Kautto
(c) 2008 RockUnited.Com