After releasing over 20 albums Ted Poley is a Giant (Last of the runaways?) in the rock genre who doesn’t need much of an introduction. He has made records both as a solo artist and with bands like Danger Danger, Melodica, Bone Machine, Prophet, and Tokyo Motor Fist. Apart from the countless albums and bands he’s been in, he is constantly on tour. Back in 2015 Ted played a festival in Stockholm, Sweden called Rockweekend Festival. On the way from the airport Ted showed the festival promotor a new band he had found called Degreed. The promotor informed him that Degreed here going to play at the festival and the journey of making this record began. ”When we first started talking about this project I was blown away by the extreme energy and love for music that Ted was radiating. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with the same passion for music as him. It’s been a pleasure and honor getting to know him and working with him.” - Degreed-Mats reflects. The album is set to be released later in 2018 and will have a couple of singles out before the album drops. ” I am so very proud of the new album! The sound is modern with a slight prog edge to it, even sometimes bordering on pop, very melodic -with choruses that will keep you coming back again and again!” - Ted says. Find out more about the album and thoughts. This is: TED POLEY

Gypsy At Heart - Are you really?

No, not really, I am a 56 year old man and I like to stay home... I guess you might say that I am the opposite of a gypsy. Oh well, I blew the illusion right out of the gate.

It's not really PC to use the word 'Gypsy'? (Romani or Roma)

They have tv shows like "My Fat Gypsy Wedding" here on tv so it's no problem. if you think I am a racist then I would have a pretty big laugh at that, as would all of my fans.. its just a title of a song, and I didnt write it anyway. haha. Hey - I have some eastern european blood in my line so maybe I am a gypsy!

What's the reason behind naming this Modern Art feat. Ted Poley instead of merely the latter.

So that it doesnt appear to be my new "solo" album, which is contractually obligated to Frontiers music ,a great label who I love - but this one is self financed and all on me. I did it myself with the help of the Degreed guys and espeically Mats Eriksson. Drummer and producer and all round genius.

Have you been in touch with the Modern Art band of the eighties?

No, I didnt know there was one,and I dont give a shit about them. LOL. But this is not a band called "Modern Art", its an album title. this interview is so adversarial haha, you are trying to make me look bad. I do more charity than anyone I know, and I support no kill animal shelters and do every single thing any fans asks.... so go for it. You can't make me look bad. My fans know better. So, no I didn't steal any bands name. I am Ted Poley and this album is called "Modern Art". Hope that sets the record straight. :)

How did the Swedish band, Degreed, convince you to record this project?

They didn't Convince Me! I convinced them! I am a big fan and wanted to do something more modern and pop sounding and they were perfect for the job. I am thrilled with the results and we already have the second album planned.

What inspired you to make music together?

It was my idea but they wanted to work with me so we made a baby together.

Any main themes or topics for this album (it's not a concept album)?

The theme is to knock your head off with kick ass melodies, huge choruses and enough prog flavor to keep it interesting and challenging for other musicians to cover.

Would you say it's a huge difference in music-style and sound from your previous albums?

No its not huge, its just interesting, I have released basically the same thing 30 times already... lets try something closer to my own roots, a little
more prog and more difficult but a thousand time more interesting.. but always super melodic and based on great songs.

Are people still going to enjoy this album if they're not fans of the Swedes/Degreed?

if they are not fans of Degreed they should be, but I would say that if they like anything that I have ever done, this is better and they will love it.

Is it a studio project or are you going to tour on the album?

We are planning to play several European shows together, we are already headlining Hard Rock Hell in north wales next March 2019, we will be playing a lot of the new songs and I hope to record a Modern Art live dvd as well as play other shows together in support of this album and the next one..

What's the best and worst things about Sweden?

Best - the little meatballs that they serve at breakfast! it gives you so much hope for the day! Haha. Worst - the weather... its a bit cold in the winter. When I recorded the Modern Art cd in march there was still alot of ice an.d snow. I am not a winter person.

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do:

Please support a local no kill animal shelter near you and please vist my new site and check out a lot of brand new merchandise as well as approx 100 songs available for download,,lots of photos ,exclusive videos etc. Thank you for this interview!! Thanks and keep rockin' :) TP

Interview by Urban Wallström
Live photo by Mira Suutari-Toivonen