Our glam-slammin' hairspray hero Urban spoke with Andy Pierce of Swedish cult Glamsters Nasty Idols...

Urban - Your 4th album "Heroes For Sale" has finally seen the light of day, Thanks to Perris Records in US. (It's been unreleased since 1995). Tell us a little bit about your thoughts when you entered the studio, to record it back then.

Andy - We were a wounded band when we entered the studio back in 1994 to record our fourth album. The grunge thing was big and our record label had major money problems. On top of it all our guitarplayer Peter Espinoza decided to leave the band two weeks prior to the recording. There were a lot of meetings and everything was pretty much upside down. But we wanted to go on and record the album no matter what. In the spring of 1994 we finally got our shit together and recorded about 20 tracks for the album, that was later to be called "Heroes For Sale".

Urban - The title track have some double natured lyrics. What exactly did you mean with "I can't get through no matter what I do. I'm all in vein this is the end of tale. I'm all left out the circle is closed. I can't get through - no way! I'm a Hero For Sale"

Andy - The title song "Hero For Sale" is pretty much about the way we felt at the time. We knew that the band was headed towards the end, and there was nothing we could do about it. Sometimes we laughed about it and hoped that it was just a bad period for us. We hoped that we somehow could break the bad circle surronding us at the time. But there was no way - we were rock n´roll heroes or loosers for sale...or something. Does it make sense?

Urban - Could you also please tell us a little bit more about the following songs:

(Cool Runnings): Andy - This one is one of my favourites on the "Heroes For Sale" album. I watched many vampire movies at the time. So I guess I took the part as Dracula in this song, or something like that, ha ha.

(Wish You Were Alive): Andy - This one is more or less about this guy I knew who took his own life. We played it live a few times on the "Vicious" tour and decided to record it for the "Heroes For Sale" album.

(Generation Landslide): Andy - This is one of two songs that I didn´t write the lyrics on. A song about two generations of people messing with each other.

Urban - What's up with the singing on "When The Blood Runs Cold"? I thought for a minute that I was listening to some Leonard Cohen CD? [:-)] Very dark & moody indeed.

Andy - "When The Blood Runs Cold" is sure something different. But many people seem to like it. The way I sang it was just a thing we came up with in the studio. We wanted it to be different.

Urban - There's also a cover of Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk To Fuck" included on "Heroes For Sale". I guess it's true that Nasty Idols started out as a 'pure' Punk-band in the mid-80's or?

Andy - Nasty Idols was never really a pure punk band, but we had the influences in the beginning.

Urban - What inspired you to play punk in the first place? And most of all... what ever made you switch to Hardrock instead?

Andy - When I grew up I was into Sweet, Kiss and Alice Cooper. When Sex Pistols came along I knew I just had to play in a band. So I started out playing in different punk bands. I think the switch to more heavy type of music was the simple fact that we became better musicians.

Urban - You split up right after the recording session of "Heroes" was completed. The big question here would simply be: Why?

Andy - A lot of things. But mainly because we had lost the support from our record label. They coulden´t stay in the business. We tried to get a new label and management, but we failed in doing so. We didn´t feel that there was any future for the band. We were bored and wanted to do something else.

Urban - How did you at first react when Perris Records, said they wanted to release and re-release your albums in 2002?

Andy - We thought it was cool. We knew that there was a lot of old and new fans that wanted to buy our albums.

Urban - What do you think about the re-releases of "Cruel Intention" and "Vicious"? Perris Records have done a pretty good job here right?

Andy - Yeah, they look and sound great. I even think that "Cruel Intention" is better looking and got a better sound than the original release from 1991.

Urban - I remember watching the "Cool Way Of Living" video on Headbanger's Ball a lot back then. Vanessa Warwick became sort of a fan of Nasty Idols right?

Andy - Yeah, I guess she was.

Urban - I know that many are upset/suprised that Nasty Idols never became big in USA. Since many worse Glam/Sleaze bands made it over there. What's your opinion and feelings towards this?

Andy - I know that we did a lot of things to break on through back then. But I also know that we were too comfortable in what we had and which people we were working with. And now when I´m looking back I´m certain that we could gone all the way to the top If we just looked over with whom we were dealing with. I say; the blame is totally on other people. I mean - at some point we were a really good rock n´roll band. And as you say - there´s been worse bands making it big.

Urban - What's the future plans when it comes to Nasty Idols? I've heard something about a DVD and maybe some reunion gigs next year... or?

Andy - - There´s been talk about some reunion gigs, but we don´t know at this moment. If the right opportunity comes along we may consider doing it. We have to see what happens... Yeah we´re releasing a DVD soon called "Nasty idols - The Video Collection". All our old videos and a lot of backstage clips - all in Swedish with English subtitles. Very rare footage. Even stuff I never seen before. Great fun!

Urban - You formed the band/project "Machinegun Kelly" with drummer Stanley right after the split up. I remember, there were a lot of fuzz about the title "White Line Offside" and MTV even banned the video clip you did. Something about cocaine? Still, this was meant to turn people from drugs right?.. Or?

Andy - Machinegun Kelly was a band totally commited to the myth of sex drugs and rock n´roll. We made a crasy album with outrageous lyrics. Then we made a explicit video and was banned on MTV. In the end of the video there was this sign that said; Drugs kill... I can tell you this - It didn´t kill us but it sure fucked us up.

Urban - You totally changed style with your solo album in 1999 (No Place For Late Regrets). I must admit that I'm no big fan of the CD (I even traded my copy away, something that I deeply regret now though). How would you describe the music and why did you choose to go with this particular style?

Andy - After spending a lot years in bands I wanted to do something else. I wanted to explore If I could do some other type of music. I wrote a lot of songs in a different style and decided that I wanted to record a album. But to be honest - I don´t like the album that much, except from the fact that I managed to do it.

Urban - Will you record another solo album one day? If yes, will it contain the same kind of music as above mentioned album?

Andy - I´ve been thinking about doing a new solo album. But not yet. And If I make one more album it will not be like the first one. I´m totally back to the hard egde rock n´roll I started out with. In fact - I´m in a new band called United Enemies. We´re right now recording some demos for a debut album.

Urban - What's your opinion about internet and the hardrock webzine's you can find online?

Andy - I think It´s great. I like surfing on the Internet and checking out all the webzine´s. There is many of them that really rock!

Urban - Let's go crazy here for a while. If you could create the ultimate rock band, (and no, you can't pick Nasty Idols members) whom would you choose?


Vocals - Iggy Pop
guitar - Zakk Wylde (Ozzy)
bass - Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crue)
drums - Tommy Lee (Mötley Crue)

Urban - If there's anything you'd like to add, say or plug. Please do:

Andy - Tune in, Turn on, Rock Loud!



By Urban Wallström