ENIO NICOLINI AND THE OTRON aka Enio Nicolini and his brand new project, 'Cyberstorm', goes through several different moments of Science Fiction and proper Metal. The six-string bender is nowhere to be seen or heard though and instead we get to experience the full force of the bass (straight in your face!) and the use of electronics and special effects. Beam me up Scotty, or whatever the Trekkies are raving about? Find out more about the album. Here's: Enio Nicolini

First question. What ever happened to the guitarist?

They are at the Metal pub to have some beers, they let me alone with this project.. seriously this is my personnel choice playing my Bass and making alternative compositions and at the same time keeping it Metal!

I know that you've (Enio) been a musician since the late 70s. How important are Lemmy (RIP) and Geddy Lee to your overall sound?

They are two greats musicians, each one was important for me growing up with their music in different ways. I was and I'am still a fan of their music. Lemmy was very linear, essential in his sound compositions and he was the first user of power chord to make his personal sound print. Geddy Lee is more subtle, elegant and polyhedral with the Rush. They are 2 Icons for all Bass men.

Would you say that "Cyberstorm" is a concept album? Or perhaps 10 short stories about science fiction?

The album is a mix of all this: fantastical stories about future's galaxy; Cyberstorm collects different stories located in the same space contest.

Kindly tell us something about the writing process and what you're trying to capture.

Testes and sounds take us on galaxy dimension; the first song 'Cyberstorm' for example deal about an higher algorithm that spelling rules but at the end people make their revolution. 'Warp Machine' is about teleportation: mind thinking-order-action for save the army-friend. 'Nanoids in my head' is a song about a conflict situation between the nanoids and his body. The album take us on one near future cyber dimension, but we face the day an future with courage and positive thinking.

What kind of input did your record company have during the writing process?

The professional staff of Buill2kill Records and Nadir Music given me the absolute liberty on doing this album.

Kindly inform us about 'Ramses W45'. What inspired you to write the song?

Ramses W4 is a Cybernetic Pharaoh, great conquistador of planets and galaxies, a hero like his ancestor Ramses II on the Antique Egypt.

What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

Exactly what I have on the final master that we listen on the album: this aggressive sound. I used 2 basses sounds, one overdrive, flanger and fuzz with power chord , the other only linear bass, Crude voice, old school drums and electronics treatment. I produced it by myself and all music and lyrics together with the band Otron we make the arrangements of this project.

How did you as a band decide where and when to use electronics and special effects?

My initial idea of this album was to use electronics effects as essentials elements for all musical sounds than bass and drums. Former Lee Warner adding his electronics special effects make the global sound of songs more rich, without using any sequence or sound samples, he is a very creative artist. This is a Metal album, a lot of metal on the album, so direct without compromising, I call it 'Cybermetal' because we use electronics that gives a fresh and modern sound.

Any 'crazy' behind the scenes anecdotes from the studio sessions?

I remember that any time that I meet Sergio Ciccoli ( Scala Mercalli) for adding the drums to my bass sounds we try to imagine how will it sound when we add electronics and voice, Sergio looked me with two big opened eyes!!! when the album was finish, I see Sergio with the same face eyes expression that like to say incredible, we did it !!!

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do

I'd like to thank RockUnited.com for this space , all fans for their support , The Bill2Kill , Nadir Music and the guys of my band: Ben Spinazola: Vocals, Sergio Ciccoli : Drums, Former Lee Warner : Electronic treatments

Keep on Metal ! Enio Nicolini


INTERVIEW by: Urban Wally Wallstrom

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