Back in 2009 we compiled a list of the best releases of the eighties. That was a big task, but the series of articles proved to be popular. In the afterglow, we started to do the same for the next decade. We got as far as to the year 1995, then we ran out of steam. All the depressive music of the nineties... well, there were plenty of significant releases too, and we're not completely anti-nineties. Let's see if we can find the energy to go through the remaining years one of these days... no promises though!

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1990 The spirit of the eighties was still strong.

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1991 The release year of "Nevermind". Never mind, it was still a fine year for us melodic rockers.

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1992 has reached the year 1992. The end of an era...

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1993... we're entering the Dark Ages...

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1994 Not a glorious year for melodic rock, but it had its' moments.

"Retromania - Back To The Nineties" 1995. Yes, the year when Finland won its' first Ice Hockey World Championship.