[This interview was originally published in Catchy Hooks]

Peter Nunn is the "New" Keyboardplayer in Honeymoon Suite

Hello Peter! How are things in the Honeymoon Suite"camp"right now

Things are great.  Just returned from a successful tour of Western
Canada - 17 cities in 20 days!

Can you tell us if there will be a new CD soon ?We have all been waiting for 8 years now and we would love to hear a new album from you guys !!

It depends what you mean by 'soon'.  Put it this way - it won't be another 8 years!!   We've got enough new material for 3 or 4 CDs but only want to release the best.
What are Honeymoon Suite´s future plans ?

To keep rockin'!  We've got plenty of live gigs coming up, including the Millenium Party for the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  New songs are regularly being demo'd and added to the set.  Looking for a new deal if the right one comes along.

Can you tell us about your musical background before you joined
Honeymoon Suite! You have been playing with Gowan right?

Right.  Joined Larry in 1984 and played all keys but piano (he took care of that!) with him until '87.  Then I joined 'The Jitters' and toured
extensively with them and recorded the album/CD 'Louder Than Words', including my song 'Now I'm Free' co-written and produced by Jules Shear (The Bangles, Cyndi Lauper).    See my page for more bands I've played with.

How did you get the "job"as keyboardist in H-S? And is it true that you are a cousin of Ray Coburn ? (If so do you know what Ray are doing now?)

I actually auditioned for HMS way back when Ray first left - they liked my playing and asked if I could start playing right away but I was already booked and making fairly good money as a sideman with Gowan at the time so I didn't take them up on their offer.    Almost 10 years later, after Ray had returned, he had to leave again and once again recommended me for the job. And yes, Ray is my cousin (by marriage; his mother's sister married my mother's brother.)  Funny thing is, we only met through the music business! Ray just finished almost a year of touring with Crash Test Dummies.  He also
developed, produced and managed budding singer/songwriter, Dayna Manning and is currently working on new projects.

What can you tell us about the Website (
How long have you been having this business?

Not my own website - if you visit you'll find out all about it. I just
recently started teaching workshops using the method described there and have my own page.
... apart from pianofun,  I've just recently hooked up with an online
music school, where I teach one on one right over the internet in real time! Check this out...

My email for potential students:

Thank You if you wanna take some piano lessons from Peter over the Internet !!! Send him an E-mail to the above address.