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[14 November 2018]

>>> Specials >>> Life On The Road With Eden's Curse - PART 4

The fourth and final episode of Chrism's Eden's Curse Tour Diary. In this episode we've got music, magic and tired musicians.

[13 November 2018]

>>> Live On Stage >>> Rockingham 2018

The annual pilgrimage to Nottingham took place last month - Rockingham! Warrant, Nelson, Vixen, Tokyo Motor Fist, Pretty Maids, Glass Tiger, Boulevard, Find Me... and a good time was had by all!

[11 November 2018]

>>> Specials >>> Life On The Road With Eden's Curse - PART 3

The third episode of Chrism's Cursed journey to Eden... includes a visit to Hell. And strippers.

[07 November 2018]

>>> Specials >>> Life On The Road With Eden's Curse - PART 2

The Adventures of Chrism and Eden's Curse continue!

[05 November 2018]

>>> Specials >>> Life On The Road With Eden's Curse

Christian "Chrism" Pulkkinen is Eden's Curse's keyboard player and they're on tour with Michael Schenker! He's blogging from the road!

[30 September 2018]

It's less than a month to go to ROCKINGHAM 2018, the Melodic Hard Rock event of the year. To celebrate that and the legacy of these two bands, we put together "Big 10s" for NELSON and WARRANT! "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" is a closer look at the songs of an artist or a band, and we choose the 10 most essential tracks. Not necessarily the greatest hits or the most well-known songs...

[29 September 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> MIA KLOSE

The Swedish Bombshell Mia Klose is back with her new album, and she's "Stronger" than ever...

[23 September 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> THE LAST BAND

Oh no. We've reached the end. We've interviewed THE LAST BAND! So that's it then? Nah, just messin' with ya... They're from Sweden they make no compromises, hardcore stuff. And matching socks.

[23 August 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> TREAT

Treat have a new album in the can, mysteriously titled "Tunguska". What, why, when - Anders Wickström answers.

>>> Interviews >>> The Kentish Spires

The Kentish Spires and all about their album "The Last Harvest". Canterbury-inspired progrock.

[12 August 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> MODERN ART featuring TED POLEY

It's not a Ted Poley solo album as such, it's a collaboration with Ted and Degreed. And it's Modern Art. Hey, it could have been Tedgreed. Or Degreeted. Or maybe not.

>>> Interviews >>> CHINAWHITE

These Dutch rockers have been around since the late eighties. Now they've finished their longawaited new album "Different", which is the first to feature American vocalist Phil Vincent.

[10 July 2018]

>>> Live On Stage >>> MelodicRockFest ScandinaviaThe start of the Summer took place in Malmö, where melodic rockers invaded an old slaughterhouse. Lots of fun! Now the review is complete with all three days included!

[19 April 2018]

>>> Live On Stage >>> H.E.A.T. Live in Turku

H.E.A.T. toured in Finland and we saw them in Turku.

[05 April 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> JARI TIURA

JARI TIURA, former MSG-vocalist, currently fronting Stargazery has released his first solo album King Of Lions. Questions sent, questions answered... and here's the result.

[09 March 2018]

>>> Interviews >>> FORTH

Finnish rockers FORTH are getting ready to launch their second album soon. We asked a few questions about it and other stuff.

[27 February 2018]

>>> Live On Stage >>> ROCKIN' SCANDINAVIA

First Rockin' Scandinavia event took place in Tampere, with Brother Firetribe, One Desire and Eclipse. A Rockin' good time was had by all.

[23 November 2017]

>>> Live On Stage >>> Rockingham 2017

The "main event" of the year - 3 days of rocking in Nottingham. This time with Loverboy, Vince Neil, Kix, Brother Firetribe, Fortune and many more.

[24 August 2017]

>>> Live On Stage >>> SAUNA CLASSIC

There was no South Park festival this year, but there was the return of SAUNA. Sauna Classic Heavy Metal Garden Party was an intimate festival with many RockUnited-approved bands. Brother Firetribe, Shiraz Lane, One Desire... our reporters were there on the first day.

[06 July 2017]

>>> Interviews >>> KODALINE

Here's an interview with Kodaline!

[17 May 2017]

>>> Interviews >>> BROTHER FIRETRIBE

You didn't see this comin' - yes, we've interviewed them too! Brother Firetribe!

[8 May 2017]

>>> Live On Stage >>> BROTHER FIRETRIBE in Turku

The Triumphant Return of Brother Firetribe to Turku. Yes, we are stalking them. But they don't mind. Really.

[7 May 2017]

>>> Live On Stage >>> ECLIPSE & ONE DESIRE

Scandi Attack. Eclipse (Sweden) and One Desire (Finland) played on a boat in England. You may enter the viking joke of your choice here.

[23 April 2017]


The Triumphant Return of Brother Firetribe and the debut of One Desire! Finnish AOR extravaganza in Tampere.

[14 March 2017]

>>> Interviews >>> DANKO JONES

Danko Jones has just released his new album "Wild Cat", and it's been critically acclaimed. By RockUnited.Com, for example. And we're hard to please.

[12 FEBRUARY 2017]

>>> Live On Stage >>> GLENN HUHGHES

The Voice Of Rock, as he's known sometimes... Live In The UK.

[23 JANUARY 2017]

>>> Interviews >>> MARILLION

RockUnited.Com discussed this and that with Pete Trewavas of Marillion.

>>> Live On Stage >>> MARILLION

Marillion, the gods of progressive rock brought their F.E.A.R. tour to The Netherlands...

[9 November 2016]

>>> Live On Stage >>> Rockingham Live 2016

The second annual Rockingham festival took place in Nottingham again, although in a new venue, Trent University. We were there and we liked it!

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