This is "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks", in which we take a closer look at particular artist's or band's back catalogue, and choose the 10 finest moments. These are our subjective choices, so if you want to ask how on earth we could leave off such and such song from the list, you can... and the answer is... because we could.

  Picture perfect? The Prince Of fookin' darkness aka Ozzy Osbourne in full werewolf garb, something which was the product of an eight hour make-up session and not natural causes, added fuel to the fire of conservatism. It certainly caught the attention of each and every wee lad and lass watching the MTV video of Bark At the Moon. What could possibly be better than your guitar hero (Jake E Lee), shredding like crazy, while a complete and utter nutter is howling, barking at the moon? The former Black Sabbath vocalist closed the drapes, ordered booze, drugs, and stayed at his hotel room for three months in '79, until his manager (Sharon of course, the daughter of Don 'Psycho' Arden - Jet Records) managed to get him (sorta) back on track. The rest is history. Off the rails on a Crazy Train...

Whine, whine, whine! (and wine, wine, wine, for that matter). Some will say that Ozzy's blessed with an extremely whiney singing voice? They are certainly not entirely wrong... since it'll take a lot of time to get used to the.. ehh.. whining? He's different from the rest and that's always a plus in my books. So many crazy (alcohol and drug related) stories, so many sources, you've heard them all before. Still, you'd have to repeat them. Snorting ants and piss, bit the head off a dove during a meeting with CBS Records executives in Los Angeles, bit the head off a bat.

The meeting with the head of CBS Europe in Germany. Performing a striptease on the table. Oz believed he had done so, kissing the record executive on the lips. Sharon angrily informed him that what he had actually done, and could not remember, was perform a Nazi goose-step up and down the table, dipping his bits in the executive's wine. USA and Alamo? sure, why not, according to Oz, and I quote, "I saw this wall and pissed on it. I didn't know what it was. This big Texan cop comes round the corner and sees me and starts shouting. How would you feel if I pissed on Buckingham Palace? I wouldn't give a fuck, mate, because I don't live there. That was it. Off to the Police station I went. I got thrown in a cell with a load of murdering fuckers", end quote.

The lawsuit for supposedly influencing the tragic suicides of two teenagers (the song: Suicide Solution). The pointless and senseless death of Randy Rhoades. The truly gifted guitarist hired a small plane together with Oz wardrobe person and tour bus driver and attempted to playfully "dive-bomb" the bus. The plane clipped the roof of the bus, a tree, and crashed into a nearby house. The three of them killed instantly. Drugs, people... they'll make you do the stoopidest things. Lawsuits? Former band members Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, and Phil Soussan stated that Oz was delinquent in paying them royalties and had denied them due credit on albums they played on. The re-recording of the mentioned albums (bass/drums) to avoid further royalities. Not to mention bassist Don Costa, fired due to acting too crazy? WTF? Considering all the stuff Oz pulled off, you'd sure like to know more about the cutting man.

The Ozzfest. The MTV reality show (Osbourne family) where dogs pooping indoors met classic one-liners such as "Sharon, where's my gun" or Kelly's "fuck me, I'm outta here", the latter spoken while Oz is performing throw-knives in the backyard. Plenty of great music moments though and not the easiest of Big Ten list. Always remember to kick off the Oz listening party with Carl Orffs' Carmina Burana: O'Fortuna.

10. See You On The Other Side
9. Mama I'm Coming Home
8. Breaking All The Rules
7. Now You See It (Now You Don't)
6. Shot In The Dark

5. Mr. Crowley
"Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head. Mr. Crowley, did you talk to the dead?". The song written about famed British diabolist and overall perv, Aleister Crowley. Thought of as a tribute, however, according to Oz, 'I had a roadie in Sabbath who also worked with Zeppelin. Page had given him the bookin which he'd written: to Frank, Ptolemically yours'. And I thought, what the fuck does that mean? Everybody was into Crowley in those days. I just wrote a song along the lines of who the fuck were you? what the fuck were you about? I didn't know anything about him. "Your life-style to me seemed so tragic. With the thrill of it all. You fooled everyone with magic. Yeah. You waited on Satan's call".

4. Waiting For Darkness
"Promise me rebirth and then you tear me from the womb. Give me my freedom and then you lock me in a tomb". Ozzy lived in darkness at that time, being chased around by evangelists every day. He was literally public enemy number one in the states in those years. The death of Rhoades, the fans, the drugs, the sheer madness of taking himself too seriously and thus having the "Elvis" syndrome. Grand and great semi-ballad? Great lyrics (Bob Daisley). Marvelous, epic, atmospheric keyboards by Don Airey.

3. You're No Different
"Everything that I say and do in your eyes is always wrong. Tell me where do I belong in a sick society". The sad and poetic story about the way we treat each other, criticise, point finger, accuse, and throw stones. Written in 1983, this could however not be a more up to date topic-wise considering internet and all the haters out there. Ozzy's best and most underrated ballad in my humble opinion. Stabbing keys and haunting vocals. "Tell me the truth and I'll admit to my guilt". You're no different to me...

2. Crazy Train
Future guitarist, pay extra attention to the work on display. Licks and tricks of the highest school and order. Something that only Randy Rhoades (RIP) and of course Ed Van Halen could pull off at the time (1980). One of the all-time classic hard rock riffs and flashy shredding 'ala 80's style. Surely the most predictable choice of all the Ozzies? Nonethless, a milestone in 80's hard rock. "Mental wounds not healing. Life's a bitter shame. I'm going off the rails on a crazy train".

1. Bark At The Moon
""Screams breaks the silence. Waking from the dead of night" 1983's Bark at The Moon. A difficult album to make, however, with the aftershock of Rhoades' death still reverberating, came a proper guitar shock to the system. Jake E Lee (Rough Cutt, Ratt) managed to step up to the plate and deliver the goods. The power of music! The proper power riff sure to incite proper headbanging. The music video was partially filmed at the Holloway Sanitorium outside London and include the "story" of a scientist-turned-werewolf. The soundtrack to all the barking mad Ozzy fans out there. Werewolf? classic!

This list by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,

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Individual lists:

Kimmo Toivonen:

10. Mr. Crowley
9. Killer Of Giants
8. The Ultimate Sin
7. Breaking All The Rules
6. I Just Want You
5. Perry Mason
4. Crazy Train
3. Secret Loser
2. Bark At The Moon
1. Shot In The Dark

Martien Koolen:

10. Suicide Solution
9. Shot In The Dark
8. I Just Want You
7. Hellraiser
6. Perry Mason
5. Bark At The Moon
4. Mr. Crowley
3. Road To Nowhere
2. No More Tears
1. Crazy Train


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10. Waiting For Darkness
9. I Just Want You
8. Secret Loser
7. You're No Different
6. No More Tears
5. Perry Mason
4. Mr. Crowley
3. Shot In The Dark
2. Bark At The Moon
1. Crazy Train