1. What is happening in the world of Jeff Pilson at the moment?

- Well the War and Peace record, "Light at the End of the Tunnel" is coming out in Japan next week, US in May, and not too sure about Europe just yet. That'll be fun. It's a record that I think Dokken fans will truly enjoy. Lots of good heavy stuff, and very melodic. Also get to stretch out with some of my Queen and progressive influences. Then I'm a little over halfway done with the Underground Moon record. That's my project with producer/singer/songwriter Tommy Henriksen. I'm ecstatic about this one. The music is real heavy, and quite a bit more contemporary [tastefully using technology and new sounds], but still very melodic. Some of my best songs ever. Then Tommy and I are doing quite a bit of producing, including Andy Fraser, the original bass player from the Free. That's exciting, he's got great songs and an amazing voice! So that, a tribute record here and there [including the upcoming Jason Becker tribute], and the talk of a Dokken record is beginning. So very busy!

2. Please tell us something about the movie called Rockstar and how was acting for you.

- Great experience. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston, and is a very fun movie. Zakk Wylde, Jason Bonham, and I are the real musicians in the band, and a wonderful actor named Dominic West is our fellow bandmate. It was a fun, rewarding experience, and yes I'd love to do more acting. I just hope that rock gets a little kick in the pants from the movie.

3. I've been a fan of Dokken as long as I can remember but when I compare the music with Dokken and your War&Peace (by the way I love Time Capsule)I find that your music is more positive than Dokkens or am I totally off here.

- Not totally off. The music on Time Capsule was certainly very positive, but I go through stages, like any writer, and I think a lot of my stuff since then is very dark and moody. I do like to keep a positive theme to my music, though. I mean the title of the new one, "Light at the End of the Tunnel" certainly implies something positive. Dokken does have a certain dark edge to it, but I like that a lot as well.

4. Are there any touring plans for you concerning War & Peace?

- I'd love to, but I don't really expect that to happen. I really hope Underground Moon gets a chance to tour, though.

5. What is the situation now with Dokken when Reb is going to do the Winger reunion stuff?

- It looks like the Winger plans are very brief, so I don't think there'll be a problem with Reb at this time.

6. You've been in the business for quit many years. What have been the best times and what have been the worst so far in your career?

- The best times are really now. I feel more capable at my craft then I ever did, and now I have a studio to implement that. I love working in my studio! I'd say the worst times were when I let my drug use get in the way of the music- thank God that was a long time ago now.

7. What would be the ultimate band for you to play in if you could choose among any living or dead musicians?

- To be honest, when I'm working with Tommy on the UM stuff, that feels like an ultimate. We communicate together perfectly, we're best friends, and the results are always magic. I'll take that over a band situation anyday. Besides, I think you get more accomplished with just two people.

8. What have been the most fun record for you to do, knowing that times in Dokken have not always been good.

- Well absolutely the UM record, it's been so satisfying and I love the music so deeply. But with Dokken it was probably Erase the Slate. We were all in a good place, and Reb is such a great guitarist, writer, and team player, it made the flow of everything great.

9. Necessary Finland question. Dokken was on the bill with AC/DC I think it was -88 or -89 March 23rd ( the reason why I remember the date is because it's my b-day) when you played in Helsinki. Do you have any memories of our city or country. I can't remember if you've been here since, correct me here please.

- It was 1988! Yes I remember it well, Helsinki in particular. One reason is that I clearly remember seeing the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen in my life there. I was stunned! I don't really remember the show, but I remember the people being so great, and having a wonderful time. No, we've not been back since, and hopefully that'll all soon change.

By Vesa Nuorala,

Photos courtesy of www.jeffpilson.com