For the first time ever, we decided to run a Readers' Poll to see which albums, songs and gigs YOU considered the best of the year 2006. We asked for 5 favourite albums, 5 favourite songs, the best newcomer and the best gig of the year. In addition, there were a couple of RockUnited.Com related questions - the best article of the year and how we could improve the site. We want to thank each and every one of you who took the time and answered our questions. There were many good improvement ideas which will be surely taken into consideration - for those we are very grateful. Even though the Poll is now closed, you can still keep on sending us your ideas, questions and comments - you never know, you might be rewarded for your time! Now, let's get down to business... it's the time to reveal the results!

THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2006 CHART as voted by our readers:

1. Brother Firetribe - False Metal (Spinefarm)
Our readers were pretty uninamous about this - while the band's name is a bit of a joke and they don't take themselves too seriously, their music is seriously good!
RockUnited.Com review: "I don't hand out full points too easily these days, but what's there to do with an album with no fillers, quite a few killers and a brilliant production on top of everything? Yes, folks, this is the soundtrack for the summer of 2006, and possibly the album of the year!" [read the full review]

2. Sunstorm - s/t (Frontiers)
RockUnited.Com review: "Sunstorm is a brand new project where Joe Lynn Turner finally returns to the pure AOR and melodic rock... It's definitely goosebumps warning during AOR rockers such as "Fame And Fortune" and "This Is My Heart". "Strength Over Time" is perfect bliss and "Another You" is a Jim Peterik semi-ballad that goes straight for the heart... This is nothin 'but pure JOLT (=Joe Lynn Turner) excellence from the opening notes of "Keep Tonight" to the closing track of "Arms Of Love"...Sunstorm project is without a doubt his best work in +15 years." [read the full review]

3. Slamer - Nowhere Land (Frontiers)
RockUnited.Com review: "The name of Mike Slamer has been a guarantee of quality hard rock music for the past twenty years or so. This is his first solo album, and it isn't going to change that guarantee! Compared to the other recent Slamer projects Steelhouse Lane and Seventh Key, "Nowhere Land" does sound familiar, yet it has a vibe of its' own. The songs are longer and at times more ethreal and vague... When mixed with some memorable melodies, the ethreal vibe works perfectly... The album sounds like a million bucks, Slamer's guitar playing is exceptional and the songwriting is very good." [read the full review]

4. House Of Lords - World Upside Down (Frontiers)
RockUnited.Com review: "This "second comeback" will be met with mixed reactions as well, as there's only one original member (vocalist James Christian) in the band. Keyboard maestro Gregg Giuffria IS involved, but not as a full-time member of the band. Some will question whether this band should be called as House Of Lords at all, and while they may have a point, all I can say that "World Upside Down" sounds much more like a HOL record than "The Power And The Myth". The production, the melodies, the guitars, all sounds HUGE!." [read the full review]

5. Wig Wam - Wig Wamania (Voices Of Wonder)
RockUnited.Com review: "Explosive choruses, great melodies, awesome vocals (both lead and background), powerful axemanship and a solid backbeat...they still look as odd as always, but there's nothing ridiculous about their music... Compared to the first album (all three versions of it), this is easily as good an album, probably even a touch better. The production is brilliant, and the artwork is top notch as well." [read the full review]

6. Toto - Falling In Between (Frontiers)
7. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III (Mercury)
8. Paul Stanley - Live To Win (NewDoor / Universal)
9. Europe - Secret Society (Sanctuary)
10. Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone (Frontiers)

11.The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall (Lionheart)
12. Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (EMI)
12. Krokus - Hellraiser (AFM Records)
14. Leverage - Tides (Playground)
15. Ten - The Twilight Chronicles (Frontiers)

16. Jorn - The Duke (Candlelight Records)
17. Winger - IV (Frontiers)
18.Chicago - XXX (Rhino / WEA)
19. Harem Scarem - Human Nature (Vespa Music)
20. Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The Wings (Lion Music)
20. Talisman - 7 (Frontiers)

TOP 10 SONGS OF 2006

1. Slamer - Jaded
2. Sunstrom - Keep Tonight
3. Brother Firetribe - Midnite Queen
4. Brother Firetribe - Love Goes Down
5. House Of Lords - Million Miles
6. Paul Stanley - Wake Up Screaming
7. Meat Loaf - It's All Comin' Back To Me Now
7. Treat - I Burn For You
9. Europe - Always The Pretenders
10. Avalon - Avalon
10. Fate - Memories Won't Die


1. Brother Firetribe
2. The Poodles
3. Sunstorm
4. Leverage

TOP 4 GIGS OF 2006

1. Firefest III
2. Winger, Nosturi
3. UFOR 2
4. Twisted Sister, Sauna Open Air


1. UFOR 2 festival report
2. Firefest III report