013 - Tilburg
The Netherlands 4 December 2005

This was the fourth time that I visited a Porcupine Tree gig this year. As it was their last concert of the Deadwing tour 2005, the guys actually had some surprises for us. The set list contained a few songs that are usually not played during PT live gigs. I mean songs like Mother & Child Divided, Buying New Soul( from the album Recordings), So-called Friend, and Start Of Something Beautiful are absolute masterpieces, but how often do you have the chance to hear them performed live?

Of course Wilson & Co. also treated us to some PT classics such as Hate Song, Blackest Eyes and Trains, and of course the soon to be live classics from the Deadwing album Halo, Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here, Lazarus and Open Car, the opening song of this evening. John Wesley was present again, but fortunately he did not do any lead vocal stuff, as he left all that to Steven, who was in a very talkative mood, making small talk with the audience like I have never witnessed before. The band played as tight and melodic as ever, and the sound quality was second to none right from the start.

The real surprises of course were Don’t Hate Me (from the album Stupid Dream, 1999), Mother & Child Divided, Buying New Soul, So-Called Friend, .3, Start Of Something Beautiful and in the encores Radioactive Toy( from the album On The Sunday Of Life, 1991). Songs I have never heard PT play live, but they absolutely rocked like hell, especially .3 and Don’t Hate Me. Highlights of this amazing progressive rock evening were Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here (with a mind boggling guitar solo), Hate song (one of their best live songs ever), Buying New Soul (“I still bang my head against the wall”), Radioactive Toy and Halo, which sounds live ten times better than on CD. Conclusion: best gig out of the four PT gigs that I heard this year, and now I can hardly wait for their live DVD, which will probably be released in March 2006...

Martien Koolen

Pictures taken by Augie Rothkrantz