"Let's make this a tradition"
someone said... and sure enough... here's the worst, funniest, or simply just "best" quotes of 2004. We've interviewed a bunch of musicians during the year as always and make sure to check out this page INTERVIEWS to read the entire interview with each of the below artists and many, many, more.

OK! Let's get this thing started then! However, I really wish that Hardcore Superstar could have kept their dark secret among themselves actually. I've been having nighmares ever since I first heard it and there's a plan of releasing it onto DVD too!!!??? Oh-My-God!!!...

"OK, let’s get it over with. I was once, totally drunk, we played in Stockholm and we had this Swedish porn star to come and see the gig, called Ingrid Swede. After the gig we got drunk and I promised to eat chocolate peanuts from Martins ass and I think Ingrid somehow heard it and she kept pushing it all the time…”when am I going to see you eating from his ass?” and we were just kidding about it… but it went so far that I actually had to do it. And it’s caught on camera."
Adde & Martin's Ass (Hardcore Superstar)

Ehem... okie dokie... I'm not sure what to say really... let's just continue with the next "highlight" of the year shall we? Mike & Andy - you're next... and no ass stories, please! They did some kind of interview with metalsludge.com that concerned a lot about Nikki Sixx??? (Mötley Crue)

"MICHAEL: It didn't concern about Nikki Sixx, I just merely stated that… the only reason I said anything was that they have that stupid album title "Music To Crash Your Car To", the compilation album…
ANDY: I thought it was rather tacky and tasteless… We all have our right to have an opinion of our own. I thought it was a shameful and tasteless title.
MICHAEL: I can sum it up in one line: that gave bad taste a bad name. The fact that I described his character as a… you know, self-centred or whatever, superficial and pretentious… the day after Razzle got killed he shows me phone numbers of all these girls that can come and do whatever you like. He was like "you wanna get laid, man?" and I said "are you serious, my best friend just died!" I was never into groupies, but to say that the day after Razzle died, that's just the kind of people they are and there's a lot of people like that in Hollywood and in rock bands. It's embarrassing and I think they're really a no contribution to humanity".
Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks)

Trixter was a nice hairband in the late 80's. Some of the ex-members are now trying to be as "hip" as possible in the new century. Did anyone say sell-outs??? Nah... not really... but I believe the answer to the question - 'what kind of music is 40ft Ringo?', goes with the territory nowadays.
"Hard Pop that Rocks for a good rime". Atomic Pop Rock.... Cheap Trick meets the Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte meets Matchbox 20".
Steve Brown (40ft Ringo)

Thank You Steve! You and everybody else!!! Something that will never change however, no matter what, is the agony of being the supporting act to a Zombie!!! It's like the night of the living dead all over again!!

"Who the fuck is Rob Zombie anyway, we we're touring with him and he was a complete fuck ass. Bands that are afraid that their support band would blow them off stage must behave like assholes. Turn down the volume, you can't use any lights, blah blah blah, fuck with them on purpose so they can't make a good show. Why even bother having a support band."
Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies)

Zombies are very popular nowadays it seems and M.ILL.ION even wrote a song about it. The story itself is rather sad actually and makes you stop and think for a while. We know whoa-oh-oh, let them know it's christmas time... etc.

"Zombies" are describing a horrifying night in Stockholm. I came from a nice meeting held in downtown fancy locations and on my way from that I suddenly stepped directly into another world. The world of needles, heroin and lost lives. The people I met there were unreal and who knows what they´ve been through. I have seen plenty in my days, but this scene was pure hell. I couldn't sleep that night and dealt with it they way I do – wrote lyrics".
B.J. Laneby (M.ill.ion)

Proud to be a wimp rocker? Try telling 'you're a wimp' to Moratti's face as Rob works as a Kickboxing instructor at his gym. How did we managed to ask this question and still walk out of there alive??

Q- Would you say it's difficult to confess to other music business people, that you're into AOR and all of that "wimpy" stuff? Do they usually go: "Oh Yeah... AOR... that died along with spandex, huh?

"They can all say what they want but I'm doing what I love the most and I must say that I'm very fortunate to be given the opportunity to still sing and write the songs of AOR and find a following for it."
Rob Moratti (Final Frontier)

RockUnited can only nod and agree and the same goes with the following speaker...

"80's bashing has definitely gotten old for me. Yes, the outfits and hair, and many of the songs' lyrics, were very stupid and silly! But there were also a lot of good bands and songs that don't deserve such bashing. It especially pisses me off about Winger. Yes they were "pop", but my God what musicians, and they were so amazing live! People need to show appreciation for bands that good."
Jeff Pilson (War&Peace /Dokken)

and Europe definitely wanted to step away from the 80’s sound... bummer!

"Yeah, and we just want to make a statement where we stand right now and move on. We kept some of the melodies, of course, like in “Hero” or “In Flames”. It sounds a bit like Europe but bit dryer sound, a bit more guitar driven".
Joey Tempest (Europe)

A perhaps even a bit boring? Back in the 80's Heart-sisters were Metal Queens that turned metal men into jelly before them, but do they still have it like that and hear people praising the 80's to them ?

"Yeah, but I don't think anybody really at this stage of the game wants us to revert to our 80's-selves".
Nancy Wilson (Heart)

Oh! I believe you're in for a BIG surprise Nancy!!! None of us here are ashamed to be 80's fans!!! There's always some sort of problem with black market and concert tickets for the average fan and rock act. The mexican mafia???

"Yeah, there's a strange mafia. When we went to Mexico, they had a Nightwish market outside the concert venue and there were about 20 booths selling our stuff, all pirate stuff. Ash trades, statues, t-shirts and stuff. But I don't let it bother me, you're absolutely powerless against that. It's been there for so long that they've grown used to it. Mostly you just laugh at all that and maybe you can get a few free t-shirts as a compensation. But I'm doing good with my music".
Tuomas (Nightwish)

RockUnited - Since we're on the subject of melancholia, do you feel that you're more the typical finnish type of pessimist or an optimist?

"Of course I'm more of a pessimist, that's characteristic to the finns. But I'm trying to learn optimism all the time. But I'll always be a pessimist when it comes to my own work. But when some of my friends have problems I'll try to be optimistic about it, even when looking at some of my own things. The common problem with finns is that we're pessimists, we're always jealous at everyone and no one should ever have success in life. And when you're doing great, even then you can't be happy about it. We're taught that we have to be like everyone else and you shouldn't be exceptional".
Timo Kotipelto (ex-Stratovarius)

"These days you can do anything you want and if people like it they will buy the record. There's this certain freedom, but yet there's not this sort of real thing going on, like at the time when I joined the band. So there's this certain freedom, but I think people are getting sick of what is going on in the music business. Nu-metal and whatever it is, I think they're getting intelligent for the first time".
David Readman (Pink Cream 69)

Morty actually left the band a couple of weeks after this reply to why he didn't play at Sweden Rock 2004. Hey! I'm not saying anything from this point on...

"Morty's (Black, bass) having a sex-change operation at the moment. He's down in Denmark. From this point on he's known as Morticia. He couldn't unfortunately get out from another gig. So he's still in the band, but he couldn't play with us today".
Tony Harnell (TNT)

Now you all know why he play his guitar like a possessed demon... ouch! and ouch again!

"My dad used to say: “Jeff, you’ve got horse shoes up your ass”. Horse shoes is of course for good luck and I hope they do not come out yet so I will stay lucky for a couple of years".
Jeff Waters (Annihilator)

Not exactly what I'd call good luck (ouch again!)!!! We finally asked Punky about those high-pitched vocals and if he thought Hamie reminded him of Biff Byford (Saxon) on helium?

"It had been mentioned before. Our A&R man at Arista said he sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium".
Punky Mendoza (Heavy Pettin)

Ehem... great!!! Sharon Osbourne would be pleased though - Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, Minnie!!! The song "Energizer Bunny" (a personal fave among the RockUnited team) wasn't included on the best of CD by Street Talk in 2004. Man, did we get disappointed or what? We even tried to ask Fred about why he couldn't live with the 'bunny'.

Of course I can live with it! Who said anything else??? Are you on heavy dope?
Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk)

Yes Fred! We all are!! Well... at least House Of Lords must have been... Great new CD by the way... ehem... or?

"We tried to make a record that would sound the way we would if we stayed together for the past decade. We actually covered Bjorks song "Army Of Me" but of course our label would have none of that".
Chuck Wright (House Of Lords)

Bjork??? WTF???... good thing they split up when they did, huh? Ordinary just won't do anymore as we asked Grand Illusion about that title.

"It seems like coming up with a good title is much harder than to write and record the songs. We have always tried to use humour and irony in both our lyrics and album titles, but I'm afraid that some people miss that and take it seriously instead. We have just tried to find a title in the same vein as the two previous ones. I like "ordinary just won't do" since much in our music is a little bit over the edge with all those high vocals and lots of background vocals. That's not ordinary anymore".
Anders Rydholm (Grand Illusion)

Here's that blonde singer from Finland again and he's talking about Gene $immons this time...

"He's the most conceited, fat, chauvinist pig I've ever encountered. He probably has a small weenie problem because he seems to really need to brag about how many thousands of women he's conquered".
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)

That's it... see you next year... oh yeah, here's something I couldn't resist to include. You give a hardrocker a chance to really connect with his fans and he'll be sure to grab it. Happy New Year everyone!!!

RockUnited - Now you have the freedom to say whatever you feel like to the fans and everyone.

We fuck your girlfriends...
Herman (Dragonforce)

ps. I hope you all understand that most of the above stuff are not to be taken seriously at all really. If not, tell santa to bring you some humour for x-mas.

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