Stevie Rachelle Interview


February 2000, interview by Vesa Nuorala

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L & C contributor Vesa Nuorala interviewed former Tuff-frontman Stevie Rachelle.


What are you up to lately?

Stevie: "I'm actually recording my second solo cd. I recorded and co-wrote some more tracks with Michael Raphael, he produced my first solo cd too. I also recorded a few songs with Gilby Clarke. Also been singing on some tribute cds for Cleopatra Records. I sang vocals for "You're Crazy"/Guns 'n Roses, "Red Hot"/Motley Crue, "Blackout"/Scorpions and "Too Late For Love"/Def Leppard. I'm also singing on a cd for a group called Shameless from Germany. I did vocals for a few songs with them last year and plan to contribute some more on their new cd in march 2000."

Your first solo album "Who The Hell Am I" is really hard to get one's hands on, and the same goes with tuff records, why is that? . I did notice that you have secured ordering in your pages, so that's cool.

solo CD

Stevie: "Yes, my solo cd is a rare find. I'm not signed to a record label and dont have distribution either. however the wonderful world of the web has made it alot easier for people to access almost anything worldwide. My website has all of my products available from Tuff to C.W.A."


Do you keep in touch with the old Tuff members?

Stevie: "I speak to Michael Lean and Todd Chase usually a few times a month or more. I also occassionally speak to Danny Wilder and Jimi Lord too, both who live in other states. As for Jorge i've only recently spoke to him a few times after nearly three years. Everyone is doing good and all have a link on my links page on my website."

Tell me your favorite Tuff memory.

Stevie: "I have a few. Touring England, being on MTV's Top 10 Countdown, hanging out at Gene Simmons' house, touring anywhere and everywhere."

Stevie, Tuff-era

Which band did you have the most fun touring with and why?

Stevie: "Tuff without a doubt. Or do you mean which line-up of Tuff? I had good times with all the line-ups over the whole decade."

If there would be something you could do different with the times you had with Tuff, what would that be?

Stevie: "To sell a few million more records and do more foreign tours!"

The so-called "Hair Bands" are doing pretty well at the moment, with a lot of sold out shows etc. Do you think Tuff will ever tour again?

Stevie: "Tuff will most likely never tour again, but I guess you can never say never!"

The last one: give me your honest opinion on the music business.

Stevie: "I love it and I hate it! That's the bottom line!"

Stevie also pointed out, that if anyone wishes to him, they may do so at:, e-mail:, call: (818)569-5450, or write: P.O. Box 371202 RESEDA, CA 91337.