Obviously the Baileys headed back stage and Stephen Pearcy was still buzzing:

“Tonight was pretty amazing, if the rest of the tour is like this it’s going to be crazy. I got to tell you guys I’m looking forward to the release of my new solo record Under My Skin, It will be released in the US on July 22 on Airline Records make sure you get a copy”. There was talk of a new Ratt album but the following press release shows Steve out on the road to promote his 3rd solo album, Pearcy and his RAT BASTARDS - Frank Wilsey on lead guitars (SEA HAGS/ARCADE), Erik Ferentinos on lead guitars (THE ANTIDIVSION/VOODOO), Troy Johnson on bass guitar and Todd Roberson - drums (JRZ SYSTEM) - will commence the “ Get Under My Skin” Tour July - September 2008.

It seems unlikely Ratt will rush into the studio more than likely they will go back on the road to promote the compilation album TELL THE WORLD: THE VERY BEST OF RATT is a career-spanning CD that includes standout songs from all seven of the band’s studio albums as well as unreleased material. RATT: VIDEOS FROM THE CELLAR: THE ATLANTIC YEARS is the group’s first DVD release and combines both of Ratt’s previously released video collections along with several bonus features. We managed to catch a glimpse of some of the DVD and apart from all the videos there’s also commentary from the guys telling you all the facts and fumy stories behind the shooting of them. It’s a must for all Ratt fans.

We should give former Ratt bassist and songwriter Juan Croucier a quick mention. Croucier was credited for helping the band sell five consecutive platinum albums and wrote many of the band's biggest hits such as " Lack Of Communication " and You’re In Love. Croucier now runs a recording studio called " The Cellar " in Los Angeles and works with his band, Liquid Sunday.

Zodiac Mindwarp bassist is called Jack Shit (how cool is that?) he hooked up with us and says “It’s going great for Zodiac, We have some London shows planned and things are really starting to come together again” .

We did manage to drag an old friend Steve Crosby to the show. He was so impressed he dug up his original 1983 Ratt EP the very next day and played it to Kelly, his 18 year old daughter. He only realized after a few songs it was on at the wrong speed.. hah. Vinyl is supposed to be making a comeback - WHY? I bet she’s hooked on Ratt now, mate?

By the time the ink dried on this review we had a personal invitation to hook up with White Lion who are on the road in the UK with UK rockers Crimes Of Passion who are a pretty decent band worth checking out. We are thinking of accepting his invitation but there’s an Indiana Jones movie on the same night what should we do?

"Till the next time, Rock Now Die Later”



Ratt - Corporation Sheffield -30/05/08

The Ratt Pack consisting of original members Vocalist Steve Pearcy, Drummer Bobby Blotzer and lead guitarist Warren De Martini are back in the UK for their 25th Anniversary tour. Completing the line up are Robbie Crane on bass and John Corabi (ex-Mötley Crüe) on guitar.

Ratt come to the UK with a string of platinum album sales behind them. They have sold over 16 million albums since they were signed to Atlantic Records and released the classic Out Of The Cellar album in 1984. However this still isn’t enough to persuade our mate Darren Oldale to Join us tonight: “My wife wants to watch the new Indiana Jones movie at thecinema so no I won’t be coming”. Well we may not have the Dolby sound surround, special effects or the pop corn but trust me, when Ratt drag their arse over the Atlantic it’s not to be missed.

Not an ounce of glam attire in sight as Steve Pearcy hits the stage in a cowboy hat, black leather waist coat looking more like a biker than a glam star. They powered their way through Tell the World, Sweet Cheater and Walkin’ the Dog from their debut EP. I thought Alzheimer’s had kicked in as I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics until it got to Walking the Dog. Like many fans we fell in love with Ratt after hearing their brilliant “ Out Of The Cellar album “ Steve Pearcy said “ We have come here to party ” and those gems such as The Morning After, You Think You’re Tough, Back For More, Wanted Man, I’m Insane , and Lack Of Communication were unleashed like a cork from a champagne bottle and the party was in full swing. You have to compliment the band for retaining that distinctive Ratt sound. It’s pretty strange not seeing lead guitarist and co writer of many classic Ratt songs big Robbin The King Crosby on stage as he sadly passed away back in 2004 but we have to say John Corabi on background vocals and 2 nd lead guitar complimented the band immensely and as “ You’re In Love ” and “ Lay It Down ” from the “ Invasion Of You’re Privacy ” album kicked in so did the need to hit the dance floor and rock out.

To our amazement and pleasure there were some younger fans in to see Ratt that we had wrongly dismissed as probably been here to see support act Zodiac Mindwarp. This dude was singing all the words to all the songs and we had to pull him over and have a word.
"Hey big hair, how come you know all these songs so well?"
- I’m really into all the 80’s rock bands, I can’t get enough of it”

Well that’s encouraging to hear as Ratt continue to party on with songs from the Dancing Undercover and Reach for the Sky albums plus of course the Detonator album. “ Loving You Is A Dirty Job ” and Steve Pearcy is the man to do it. That trade mark vocal style is a little raspy tonight but not losing too much range as would be noticed.

Bobby Blotzer and bassist Robbie Crane were very tight and solid but Bobby, why the Bill and Ben (the flower pot men) hat? The other real treat was of course seeing Warren Di Martini live again. The last time we saw him he was playing with Whitesnake and he fitted into the band like Nelson Mandela at a Ku Klux Klan convention. Maybe it was the awful thin guitar sound or that he felt like the new kid on the block or the hired hand? Who knows and who gives a shit? Tonight we see Warren at his best, very melodic, articulate, visual and the corner stone to the Ratt energy and sound. He often shared harmony guitar parts with John Corabi and this added to the show in terms of colour and vision.

They ended with Body Talk from Dancing Undercover, (well we say ended). There’s one song that defines this brilliant band and Steve Pearcy says he’s having none of that walking off stage for encores. He thanked the fans several times tonight for their continued support and at relatively short notice it was a good turn out in Sheffield. No Ratt show is complete until we are blessed with the timeless riff myster anthem that is my friends "Round and Round".

I’m sorry Dazzling my old mate but you missed the real premier performance tonight. 25 years on and Ratt are living proof there’s life after glam and indeed that 80’s rock is still relevant to the youth of today. Look out for the Ratt Compilation album due out in July. If Ratt are coming your way do us a favour, book to see the Indiana Jones movie on another day because this was vintage Ratt out of the cellar and hungrier than ever!

Reviewed by the Bailey Brothers
All photos by Mick Bailey
21 June 2008
(c) 2008 RockUnited.Com