Here are the reviews of 2004 for a quick access...

* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 46-52/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 46-52/04 * * * * *
Masterplan, L.A., Anger, Gary Moore tribute, Valor, The Ladder, Masterplan EP, Electrik, Glam Christmas Comp, Chris Isaak's Christmas album, "Ljuva Rock'n Roll" compilation, Brazen Abbot's live album, Platens, Faraz Anwar, Voyager, Frank Marino, The Sign, X-Sinner, Ghost Machinery, Mike Tramp, Bride, Vicious Art, Marillion & IQ DVD's, Angra, Rage, RPM, the new one Bang Tango, The Mighty Nimbus, Kelly Keeling solo single, The Hellacopters, Within Temptation, Higher Ground, Ricocher, Sustain, Million, Patrick Carlsson , Zeno, Pride Of Lions, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Casanova, Evidence One, Entombed, Heartplay, 8 Foot Sativa, Stormwitch, Silver, Acel Rudi Pell's third (!) ballad comp, MTM compilation vol. 10.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 41-45/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 41-45/04 * * * * *
Silent Voices, Boned, Alter Bridge, Patrick DeCoste, 3 x Dirty Tricks re-issues, Bowling For Soup, Zello, Misha Calvin re-issues, Toyz, A tribute to 80'ies Metal, Enchant, Richard Marx, Jim Capaldi, Lunatica, Vagh, Safe Haven, Millenium Compilation, Alan Lennon, Jon Oliva's Pain, Carl Carlton, Happy The Man, King's X live, Sethery, Strip Music, Empire, Europe, Dry Kill Logic, Iommi, Second Heat, Bitches Sin, Kick Axe, Gary Barden and The More I See.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 36-40/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 36-40/04 * * * * *
Megadeth, Barry Sparks, Ring Of Fire, Lake Of Tears, instrumental album "A Guitar Supreme", reissues: Heavy Pettin, Tytan, Quartz, James Christian, Shadows Fade, Seven Witches, Kilpi, 707, Gowan, Pain Of Salvation, John Waite, Rhapsody, Silent Force, Europe's compilation DVD, Saga, Travers & Appice, The Tangent, The Jelly Jam, three Pat Travers re-issues, Pulse, Adam Bomb, Music Station, re-issued Tobruk, Surrender and Snowblind, Pushing Red Buttons, Saxon, Anyone's Daughter, Blackmore's Night, Stage Dolls, Waysted reissue, Aquila, Joe Stump, A Lower Deep, Paul Janz, MTM Ballads 5, Tigertailz, Blind Fury, Funny Money, Joe 5, Hendrix tribute vol. 2, Million.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 32-35/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 32-35/04 * * * * *
Glenn Hughes' new live album, Jordan Rudess, Dio, Scavenger, Cheap Trick DVD, Lana Lane, Kingdom Come, Richie Kotzen , Book Of Reflections, Metal Church, Greg Cherone, Magnum, John Young, 2 solo albums from Savatage's Chris Caffery, Zero Nine, reissue of Annica's "Badly Dreaming" CD, a reissue of Nasty Idols-related Machine Gun Kelly, Robin George's new one "Bluesongs" and retro-release "Dangerous Music Live", Unleashed, Pure Inc, Eyes Of Shiva, Circus, a new EP from Heaven & Earth, Doro, Empire, Kittie, Switchblade, Alpha Safari, From The Inside, Grand Illusion, new solo albums from Jean Beauvoir and Jeff Scott Soto, Renegade, re-issue of Heavy Pettin's "Lettin' Loose", Bonrud, IQ, Jack Ponti's Surgin', Star Queen and Big Bertha.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 26-31/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 26-31/04 * * * * *
Joe Satriani, House Of Shakira, Vitalij Kuprij, Fate re-issue, Avril Lavigne, Turisas, Black'n Blue's "In Heat", "Nasty Nasty" and "Without Love" re-issues, Clearland, a live album from Pete Way, Liberty'n Justice, The Calling, Lordi's single, Fraise, Zillion, House Of Mirrors, Millenium, Token, George Lynch, Ministry, Lars Eric Mattson's Vision and a RUF Records sampler.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 21-25/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 21-25/04 * * * * *
Ayreon, Metal Majesty project, Dokken, Jing Chi, Hanna Pakarinen, Tears Of Anger, Cea Serin, Statetrooper, Cooper, Q¨eensrÿe, Hall and Oates, Voodoo, Voodoo Hill, Human Temple, Hendrix Tribute, Magna-Fi, Dare, Bloodstained, Under-Radio, Pro-Pain, Stan Bush, Perzonal War, Glen Burtnik, Tommy Denander's Deacon Street, Iron Savior, Heart, Toxic Virgin, Snakeryder, OHM featuring ex-Megadeth Chris Poland , Patrick Linman, Zero Nine, Nightwish , Evergray, Patrick Rondat, London Calling, AOR, Hira, Altaria, Freedom Call live, Frontline, Smeer, Hardreams.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 16-20/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 16-20/04 * * * * *
707, Powder, Fahrenheit, The Creek, Imperial Crowns, Masters of Reality/Chris Goss, Crossfade (U.S.), Gene Simmons, Scorpions, Daniel Liverani's Genius rock opera and his solo album, Loud'n Nasty, Syanide Kick, Alyson Avenue, Messiah's Kiss, King's Karma, White Skull, Leaf, Raging Speedhorn, LORDI, DEATH ANGEL, Dakota, ROXX, Vick Le Car, The Rise, Memorized Dreams, Viking Skull, Wicked Sensation, Lionsheart, Madison Paige, Pyramaze, Edgar Winter, State Of Mind, Midnite Sky, Anubis Gate, Blaze, Kotipelto, Saga, Marillion, Over The Edge, WASP, In Flames, Crossfade featuring Göran Edman, Mar De Grises, Cans, Jettison Eddy, Eric Burdon, Dream Evil EP.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 11-15/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 11-15/04 * * * * *
Frameshift, Tim Donahue's Madmen And Sinners, Kane, Panik, Evil Masquerade, two albums from Rick Wakeman, Kataklysm, Jeff Pilson's War & Peace, Tony Hernando, Milbajac, Dragonforce, Tygers Of Pan-Tang, Alternative All Stars, Wolf, Rick Springfield, Tesla, Bunny Brunel, HIM, The Allman Bros, Uli Jon Roth, Rick Wakeman, Norther, Apostasy, The Withering, Takara, Feinstein, Kingcrow, Jorn, Entwine, Eclipse, Lowemotor Corporation, Danny Danzi, Jaded Heart, UDO, Frontiers, Magnitude 9, Valensia, Threshold, Zinatra, RAW, Axia, Grip Inc, Shylock, Autograph, Tower and Life.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 6-10/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 6-10/04 * * * * *
Alex Masi, Mister Kite, Axel Rudi Pell, Powerquest, International Pop Overthrow, Sinn, Sequel, Secret Heroes, Flame, TNT, Mennen, Spin Gallery, Mother Mercy, Reckless, Charlie Souza, Bowes & Morley, Pretty Boy Floyd, Jack Foster, After Forever, Kristy Krash Majors, Runner, Empty Tremor, Edguy, Monster Magnet, Grandma Moses, Shadowman, Kurt Nilsen, Exodus, Double Cross, Final Frontier, Force Of Evil, Metalium, The Gathering, Orion Riders, Mr. Big Tribute, House Of Lords, Ufo, Metallica Tribute, Manigance, Omar And The Howlers, Malediction.


* * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 1-5/04 * * * * REVIEWS OF WEEKS 1-5/04 * * * * *
George Bellas, Seventh Key, Anand, 7th Heaven, Baltimoore, Jack Blades, Universe, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Street Talk, Heavenly, Pink Cream 69, Requiem, Hess, Shiva, VII Gates, Pilot To Gunner, Eric Martin, Rox Diamond, Axenstar, Iced Earth, Erika, Infinite Dreams, Last Autumn's Dream, Faithfull, 220 Volt, Primal Fear, Chris Catena, Bottle Rockets, Alan Whittaker, Velvet Dreams.