Ricky says: "My bad english has gotten better, but there are elements of friction in the air"

1) What is going on in your world at the moment?

I just finished producing a 5 girl ensemble pop group called Heaven Sent and have been writing for various artists. I've also been doing a lot of construction around my property which is very chaotic. I'm trying to get myself out of the studio more often to see friends, play golf, catch up on movies, have fun!

2) How did Elements of Friction start?

Marcus Nand and I met a few years ago and began playing and writing music together. Tommy Aldridge and I were old friends from touring days on the road and were always on the lookout for a project we could do together. John Kalodner who is now at Columbia had told me he would be interested in any collaboration between myself and Robin MacAuley...so I just connected the dots and came up with the "Elements of Friction".

3) Is there any possibility for you to work with John Waite again?

I hope so. Even though we haven't been in touch lately, we are good friends and I'm a huge fan of his talent. It's funny but after working together over so many years, just at the point we quit working together I had figured out how to write with John. I would also love to work with Wally and Tony from The Babys again. There was a great chemistry there that even got better after The Babys.

4) What are the best memories you have from the times with Bad English?

Immediately I think of Neal Schon and John Waite and I sitting in with Jeff Beck in Japan. The process of putting the first Bad English record together was also very magical. Certain nights on stage when we would jam a bit and get away from the rigid format of our show. Neal and Deen Castronovo and I jamming was the best bit.

5) What do you think of the melodic/hard rock scene at the moment? Do you think that it will ever raise its' head again?

I don't really hear much of it over here. I don't think it will ever be the same. Music always re invents itself and is changed in the process. The Elements of Friction record was an attempt to stay as close to the original genre as possible but is probably only 80%. As we change, so does the music.

6) How do you usually write a song?

Usually with a pencil...Sorry, I couldn't help it. I have ideas at all times of the day and night. I have a casette player in my room, by my pianos, in my car...If I'm writing for someone specifically I try to capture what I think is the best part of them and mold it into something. Most of the time I hear words in my head to a rhythm or a melody and the chase is on.

7)in your own opinion, what has been the best record that you have played on?

I would have to say the first Bad English record as an overall collective band performance. Deen and I are locked track for track and everybody else is super. The Coverdale/Page record could have been but it didn't keep the edge it started out with. What could have been recorded in 6 weeks took a year. I must say Working with Jimmy, Denny and David was a blast and an honor for me.

8)I was lucky enough to chat with Chuck when you came home from NAMM, did you just go there to look around and meet friends or where you there promoting something?

I went to see what new hard disk recording software was available and have it demonstrated. I actually stayed away from the Saturday poser crowd. There are also some wonderful people who have been good to me over the years and whom I have had endorsements with etc. This is the only chance I get to see them.

9)This is the necessary Finland related question: Have you ever been here and if you have, what kind of memories you have. If not do you have idea what our country is like and please don't say "isn't it a part of Russia?"!

I have never been to Finland and hope there is an occasion for me to change that. I do know a little about Finnish history and would love to see the Olavinlinna castle. Of course every man's fantasy includes Finnish women, saunas etc...please call me on my Nokia phone if you can put that together!

[Ed's note: A big Thank You to Ricky for doing this.]

By Vesa Nuorala