Riverside played a gig in my hometown, so that was a great opportunity to interview bass player and singer Mariusz Duda and ask him about the second New Generation Tour and the possible plans for a new album and DVD.

 So, Mariusz, back in The Netherlands oncemore; glad to be back?

Yes, it is always nice to play in The Netherlands, but to tell you the truth I really do not know what day it is, or in what town we are…We are returning with the same album somehow and we know that we can count on the Dutch people to come to our show, so…”

Is there a difference between audiences in Germany, The Netherlands and England?

oh… (heavy sigh)…yes, sure. People in Holland are more into listening to the music very intense as for Germany the audience is more enthusiastic, no offence of course…In England, especially in London the people are also very enthusiastic and they really like our music. We have been to a lot of new places on this tour and people really get used to us; they like our music.”

What has been the best gig on this tour so far?

We have had a couple of very good ones, actually. I do not know the best one. We keep the level during the entire tour and all shows have had a good response.”

Do you actually like touring, as I know that a lot of musicians hate being on the road.

Yes, I like touring, I do not understand bands that say that they hate being on the road. It is part of the job. For me this life is normal, recording, touring, doing interviews, that is it. I have tolike it otherwise I would be doing the wrong job and I would be miserable as a human being; Music, touring is part of my life, it is my job and it is my passion.”

Any plans fora new album already?

“I first have to finish my solo project and I have to finish it during this tour. New material for Riverside is coming as we plan to release a new CD in May 2015. This means that we have to finish the entire album in January 2015 and that have to start recording in October of this year and that we have to start composing very soon, ha ha… Actually I have not got any ideas yet for new tracks, but I have some drafts and melodies in my mind that could develop into something, who knows….

The last album was received very well; will the new album go in the same direction, musically speaking that is?

“Yes, The Shrine was like a new beginning for us and we will continue in that direction. We shall not go back to the metal sound of the first albums. We would like to explore different areas of music.”

How would you describe your music nowadays to someone who has never heard a song of Riverside?

“ Oh……I think we…I would say it is rock music with lots of emotion, we have found ourselves now. Our music is melodic with quiet parts, but we still also use louder parts for the necessary variety in our songs. Our music is full of contrast; there is something for everyone to enjoy. We are a rock band, that is for sure!”

What is your goal in life and/ or in music?

My goal as an individual artist is to create something original. Create music that is different, something of my own. I would like to leave a mark as an artist. I know I takes long and it is extremely difficult to reach that goal, but I am trying as hard as I can, ha ha…”

What would you have become if you were not so talented as a musician?

I would focus on drawing. As a child I was always drawing things, I really loved that, but I would also like to do something with movies; directing or producing movies would be nice, as well.”

Any plans for a new DVD yet?

No, not yet. I think we will release a new DVD in 2016, first we will have to come up with a new CD.”

Are you able to make a decent living from your music now?

Yes, we became professional musicians in 2006. It was time to get serious; you really must focus on the music and get away from the hobby thing; get your act together! And we are still alive, so, ha ha…”

Do you still get upset about negative reviews?

Well, it is normal that there always will be people who do not like our music and that is all right. But maybe if you get a lot of bad reviews you should consider if you did something wrong as a musician. But you have to realize that you cannot possibly satisfy everyone. Of course I like it if all reviews are good and positive, but I know that our music is good, so why bother that much….”

Are you a Google boy?

Sure, of course I use Google, I am not a hypocrite, but I also use knowledge from books and other sources and media. And that is what I was writing about on the album, that people only use their mobile phone to check Google and Wikipedia, and that is their only source of knowledge; and that is kind of sad. I always try to find a balance, so I use different sources. Big Brother is watching you, so..ha ha…”

Do you always use the same set list on tour?

Yes, in fact we do. But this time we try to be more open, play things in a different way. We play different songs than last year this time, more older stuff. The main thing is that we have fun on stage!!”

Thanks for your time Mariusz.

You are welcome, enjoy the show tonight.”


Interview & photos by Martien Koolen

(c) 2014 RockUnited.Com