ROXY PETRUCCI is quite the busy little #?# bad-azz bee as of lately. Not just her reunion with the all-time best, all-female, hard rock act, VIXEN (it's really not a question of gender though), but also the shocking news of the return of her original crazy gang - MADAM X. That's right moms and dads. Hide your gold and bury your children (or vice versa if you prefer?) as the original Madam X line-up feat. Bret Kaiser (vocals), Maxine Petrucci (guitars), Chris "Godzilla" Doliber (bass) and Roxy Petrucci (drums) are about to release some brand new music. Personal reasons within the group caused trouble in the past and ehem... I can already feel the tension, no? We had a quite a chat about drums, drummers, and MADAM X - Here's ROXY...

Kindly inform us about your current set-up and kit (no gong?)

No gong but plenty of cowbell! My set up hasn't changed much over the years, I'm still playing double bass, 2 racks, 2 floors and Zildjian Cymbals. I retired the motorcycle however I am working on something else for the kit.

Do you have a health regimen you employ to keep steady and fit as a drummer?

When I'm not working out at the gym, playing drums keeps me fit.

Your thoughts about Neil Peart and especially Terry Bozzio? Are they taking their kit and set-up to the extreme? Too much is never enough?

Both guys are top notch drummers who can play any size kit and make them sound massive. Peart and Bozzio prefer big sets and they utilize every drum. I've seen all sorts of creative concept drum kits on the internet. It's interesting to see what drummers come up with and as long as they can keep a steady drum beat, I say go for it.

What was your first kit and do you still have it?

I began on a Ludwig snare and then my father bought me a Champagne Sparkle Slingerland. I can still remember the feeling of accomplishment and the rush I got when I was able to play my first beat. From then on I was in the basement practicing until I could work in a tom tom fill. Exciting stuff.

Who are your influences and heroes/heroins? (music-wise)

Fanny, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Big Band, Jazz, Classical and name it I listened to it with the exception of Country, not so much. John Bonham was and is one of my top favorite drummers. Everything he played seemed effortless, natural and fitting. Bonham's feel and power behind his beats were signature and drove the Zeppelin songs. I don't use the word amazing often but he was an amazing drummer, along with Buddy Rich.

What can you tell us about the Madam X reunion?

While I was in England with JSRG there were Madam X photos and albums coming across our meet and greet table. That's when the idea of possibly recording something with Madam X came to mind. It took some convincing to get all band members on board but once we decided to do this we moved on it. It's a little awkward to go back and re establish the relationships given our history, but we're really doing this for the fans.

Where do you go from High In High School?

Great song, I think we have a couple of pretty cool tracks that I hope the MX fans will be excited about. We haven't played together as a band since forever but when a group has this kind of chemistry the music usually comes together pretty easily.

Can we expect to find you on stage together or is this the studio project and music only?

The dynamics of this band - the tension and love/hate relationship between the four of us is still alive and well after all these years. Any one of us could realistically get knocked on their ass.... I smell reality show! Our intentions are only to record a couple of songs as downloads but you never know what the future holds.

Image-wise, some of the Madam X -80's promo pix are kinda whack, yeah, no?

Whack yes! Outrageous yes! Metal yes! Wild yes! Sexy- Nasty yes! Our look, attitude and over the top performances were bigger than life. I do believe we delivered the goods and the fact that Madam X is still news 30 years later speaks volumes.

The pros and cons of having a band with your sister?

The pros of working with Maxine is obviously her talent, she's my sister, and we're Italian. The cons of working with her ...she's my sister, and we're Italian.

Are Petrucci' the typical Italo-American family?

Nothing "typical' about the Petrucci family! We're proud of our heritage though and enjoy our own family traditions [Urban's note: which obviously include producing hot looking women? Oi! Sexist pig!]

Can we expect Godzilla to smash his bass against the head as usual?

If he doesn't I'm tempted to.... his head not mine. Oh behave!

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do:

X marks the spot with Vixen and Madam X! Big thank you to all our friends and fans who continue to support us and are united in Rock! xxx Roxy Petrucci.;

Interview by Urban Wallström
Live photos by Mira Suutari-Toivonen
(c) 2014 RockUnited.Com