01. Outta Space (Long for That Feeling)
02. Stop the Rain
03. China Doll
04. You Think You're God
05. Killing with Silence
06. The Actress
07. Love Is a Battlefield
08. Stripped
09. Sex Never Sleeps (Roxanne)
10. Promiscuous
11. Black and Grey  


2015 Border/target

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SADA VIDOO: "A Story With No End"

SADA VIDOO-  SADA VIDOO and the Number One [#1 in the charts] debut album in her country, "A Story With No End". She came to fame in her home land Denmark as the voice and songwriter behind DJ Aligator's 'Lollipop' hit in the early 00 and has earned platinum status with groups such as Infernal as well as on this very album. Sada worked with award winning songwriter and producer RUSS BALLARD (ex.Argent), who wrote hits such as: God Gave Rock'n'Roll to you [KISS, Petra], Since You've Been Gone [Rainbow], I Know There's Something Going On [Frida/ ABBA] and many other songs covered by acts such as everything from King Kobra, to Hot Chocolate, Samson, Night Ranger, Ace Frehley and Santana. Not to mentionrecording several solo albums of melodic rock. Mixing Sada's depth and soaring vocals, with catchy hooks, rock/electronic, as well as the cover of 'Love Is a Battlefield' [Pat Benatar] - the basic concept of A Story With No End. Find out more about the album and the artist. Here's:  SADA VIDOO

How has the reaction to your 'A Story With No End' been so far?

Its amazing to experience the different interpretations of my sound universe. Some people feel it is very Rocky, some feel its very Electronic - but over all Im so just grateful for the strong and positive reaction.

Considering that you've mostly been into stricly dance music in the past. What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind prior to recording?

This album is an amalgamation of me - my past, the future and this very moment! The sound universe was created to express me as an artist.

What kind of input did the producer (Chris Ballard - the son of Russ) have during the recording process?

He was the pulse of the beat. We had the same vision. My universe was born because of Chris & Russ Ballard. Together we made magic.

And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound - production wise)

Everyday when I hear the record, there is not a single beat, a single note, a single lyric or a single feeling I would change. It is the honesty of the album that I love.

What's your thought about Russ Ballard's music(al) past and songwriting skill?

Im a huge fan of his work. His music had a great of impact on my childhood. I associate it with the time where my mother was young and beautiful ... Full of life and happy. Its hard to explain, but I have never met a songwriter/artist who is so deep - We connected at a deeper level A meeting of the minds.

Would you say that Russ forced/pushed you to explore other genres and avenues?

Of course! We artists are always our worse enemy and so self destructive. To see beyond that and to see your own skills is impossible. It takes a believer and an artist to see the range and the greatness you can achieve. So with him I had no limits.

Are you first and most an artist, songwriter, or singer? (not speaking of your personal life here).

Im definitely a songwriter before anything else. Without the right song there will be no singer, and without the right singer there will be no artist.

Any overall theme of mood that you're trying to capture while writing songs?

When you are in the studio with Chris & Russ B, you are surrounded by a certain atmosphere. You dig deep into your soul and the microphone can tell if you are lying. So our theme was honesty.

You suffered from bullying in school and was forced to isolate yourself from the world. Would you go as far as saying that music saved your (mental /spiritual) life?

Yes ... Music is the language between all souls, and without it I would not have been here today.

You sang and co-wrote DJ Aligator's 'Lollipop' hit in the early 00'.But in the video it's a model "singing" as you were told by the record company that you were not pretty enough for the camera??!! How does one react to such a statement and what kind of advice would you have to young women and people that doesn't fit or want to "belong" to a certain image and fashion?

It was a rough time ... I admit that. But I think destiny had another plan for me. And sometimes you have to believe that there is something greater waiting for you out there. My advice to all the dolls out there: Be you ... Thats fashion! Something I realised while living in London.

Your image speak of a broken china doll and the fun culture of Japan? How important is image to you and what does it express?

It is not an image. Its just me. But Im so inspired by Japan and the whole sub-culture of manga kawii. I slowly became a living doll because I started to express who I am on the inside.

How would you describe your CD to any potential new fan?

In the darkness there will always be a light. And in my universe there will always be a sacred place where only the music rules. And whoever you are, you will always be welcome.

Who are your influences and heroes/heroins?? (music-wise)

Sade, Abba, Ace of Base, Lana del Ray, Madonna, Guns N Roses, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust!

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do

Some people call me a Doll Some men have called me their GirlOne woman calls me her Child. One day you may think Im too dark - In the night you may say I'm too light. Welcome to my Universe! Im Sada Vidoo!

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