SAGA - Sunday 7 May - Spirit of 66/Verviers

It is always a pleasure to see/hear these Canadian rockers alive, as Saga always tend to sound better in the flesh. Most of the songs get an extra dimension played live, so even if this was the 23 rd time I visited a Saga gig I still enjoyed it.

Their new album Trust is again a highlight in their long musical career and tonight they played 5 songs from their last CD. They kicked of with the title track. Other new songs were That's As Far As I'll Go (excellent), I'm Ok and It’s Your Life.

Classic singalong Saga tracks like Wind Him Up, You're Not Alone, Scratching The Surface, On The Loose and Don't Be Late were of course also on the setlist, giving us a Saga trip down memory lane! Of course I also missed a few songs like: Worlds Apart, Ashes To Ashes or Images, and of course everything from the brilliant album Steel Umbrellas, but these guys have so much material to choose from, that cannot be easy. Besides that you cannot please all the fans…

Encores were one Saga classic Humble Stance and a brand new song and one of the highlights of the new album On The Other Side. A great ending to a great show. See you next time, as I am sure that Saga will be back, they will not retire, yet….

Martien Koolen

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