Savage Garden Live In Helsinki
22nd of November, 2000

AKA Vesa's Night Out With The Girls!

Savage Garden, the band that has sold 18 million albums worldwide finally came to Helsinki. The place was almost sold out and majority of the attendence were females from 6 years old to 50 years old. The few lucky men like me, with my company of 9 beautiful women [you would like us to believe! -Ed.] , were really enjoying not just the show, but also the variety of women attending the show...OK, to the show itself.

It was a good one, a really good one. The band had the women of the audience doing whatever they wanted, the hand signals and everything. One girl even got to the stage and I bet she had pretty wild dreams the next night. People were singing and dancing throughout the show, which was a pretty short one, just a little over 1 hour. Well, they might not have the material to do a longer one. Still, we got to hear the all their hits and that's what the people came to see and hear. There was even a verse or two from John Lennon's "Imagine" added to the "ballad section" of the show

The light show was really nice, not too much fancy stuff. The stage was a pretty simple stage, with the backing band and the two back-up singers (skinny one and a heavier one) on the background and the two main guys in front, moving around the stage a lot. There were some Michael Jackson-like moves performed by the vocalist Darren Hayes and a pretty cool "shadow show" during one song. The "ballad section" was just Hayes and Daniel Lewis with a piano, and it kind of put a stop to the show, which had started in a really good uptempo mood, on hold.

The best part of the show was when they came back for the first encore. They really rocked the place. They did two more encores and when they were done, people left the arena in a really good mood. This is the way a concert should end - everyone is smiling and talking about how good the show was!

You'll probably going to see Savage Garden on my playlist, because they got a new fan and his name is Vesa. They really suprised me.

By Vesa Nuorala