SAXON, Nocturnal Rites, Wolf & Evidence One

Venue: 013 - Tilburg - The Netherlands - 18-01-2003

This Heavy Metal Thunder Tour started in Osnabruck(Germany)last night and now we can enjoy these four bands in The Netherlands. From the first three bands I especially like Evidence One with straight forward melodic rocksongs like “In The beginning There Was Fire” and “Heavy Heart Betrayed” from the recent album “Criticize The Truth”. Wolf could not truly convince me this evening and Nocturnal Rites is not really my cup of tea. Sorry, but there is no account for taste, so…..

At nine o’clock Saxon finally took the stage and they did so by storm. They started of with the song “Heavy Metal Thunder” and the band really filled the heads and the ears of the fans with heavy metal thunder that evening. Biff, also known as Peter Byford, really enjoyed the show and he spoke to the audience like a real stand-up-comedian. Ofcourse with songs like “Motorcycle Man”, “20,000 Feet”, “Dallas 1 PM” , “Broken Heroes” and “Rock City” you keep your metalaudience happy, and that is what the musicbusiness is all about.

Saxon tried to cover all their albums, from “Saxon”, their debut in 1979, till their last release “Killing Ground” (2001). A real surprise this evening was the song “Stupid To Boogie, Stupid To Rock And Roll”, a song which Saxon never played before. Furthermore you could bang your head on Saxon-classics such as “Crusader” en Denim And Leather”; personally I enjoyed the semi-ballad “Court Of The Crimson King” very much. An evening to remember and hopefully Saxon will go on with these kinds of performances for many years to come. Cheers, mates!!!!

By Martien Koolen,
(c)2003 RockUnited.Com
Photo by Ralf Collaris