L & C interviewed Anders Lundström of Swedish hard rockers House Of Shakira..

1. You've got a brand new album out, how has it been recieved by the fans and the critics?

A: Very well! As we have released two CDs before, the critics have really listened to this album. But to our knowledge, we havenīt got a bad review yet! I think we got a broader fan-base also, because the CD is so diverse. From really Hard rock to simple AOR, and even a little bit country!

2. You released the compilation "The Best Of Two" and "III" almost back-to-back. Do you think that it affected the sales, now that people had two Shakira products to choose from?

A: Really havenīt thought about that. I guess that the "Best of Two" is for our new fans that donīt have the two first ones, and that shouldnīt affect the sales on "III". (Well, I hope so)

3. Do you have any plans to tour in support of "III"? If so, where and when?

A: Yes! Right now we donīt have any dates confirmed yet. But most if the gigs will be in Germany and England.(Hopefully in Finland, but Iīm not sure)

4. Just hypothetically speaking...who would be the ideal touring partner for HOS in your opinion?

A: Journey! To be serious I think it would be one of the older bands, like STYX, because we could reach people that would appreciate our kind of music.

5: Let's talk about lyrics: your lyrics are quite original. Are you delibrately trying to stay away from phrases used before, or are you just do damn clever? :)

A: Ha, ha, ha. You're right, we are clever! No, to be honest we havenīt thought about that. Even though we do have lyrics that have the "standard" subjects, I know that we have lyrics that have more depth than the average bands. I really donīt know why, but we have not delibrately sat down and said: OK letīs do this and letīs do that. It always depends in which mood you are, or which style of the song is.

6. What are your favourite songs lyrically on the new album? And what about musically?

A: Well, in my opinion the best musically would be "Black and Blue skies", as I'm into hard songs. Lyrically I would definitely say "Wings".

7. You have covered a couple of Journey tunes before if I am not mistaken. Can we expect to hear more covers from you on future releases?

A: We did these cover tunes usually as live "Encores", but I donīt think that we will put anything on CD in the future. But youīll never know!

8. What kind of music do you guys listen to on your own time? Do you follow the underground melodic rock scene and check out what your "competition" is up to?

A: Most of the guys listen to old stuff like Led Zeppelin, Journey, Eagles, AC/DC etc....because of the fact that Itīs hard to find new good bands! But some new are good like Foo Fighters, Dream Theater, Faith no more, they can sing and play! We really are no good at the underground melodic rock scene.

9. Last but not least...we have a bad habit of asking about Finland...so what's House Of Shakira's relationship with Finland? Has anyone of you ever been here? Impressions?

A: Thatīs not a bad habit. I think everybody has been in Finland sometimes, but I come from Luleå so I have been in Finland a lots of times in my youth. I was always drunk and always got into fights with knife! No, just kidding. We have our myths about Finland as you have about Sweden. It is very nice to come over because of the fact that the myths isnīt true. The Finns are in my opinion a very warm, straightforward and honest people. We really would like to tour in Finland but unfortunally we have no connections with music people over there. And as we all know, Sweden have much better hockey players than Finland!!!!!

(oh yeah...just remember the last world championship games...)