Here's an interview with Alex of Silent Force, a successful german metal band featuring the ex-Royal Hunt vocalist DC Cooper!

1. Let's start with a classic rock question: So...where does the name of the band come from?

ok, let's answer with a classic phrase: "well" :-)....we had arround 50 names on a list. At the end I came up with that German proverb: In silence there is force. And, I try to live like we had our name. the guys in the band liked the idea behind it and.......of course we are not very silent....:-)

2. How has your last album "Infatuator" been recieved? Good sales, good reviews?

The reviews has been more then fantastic. In most of the magazines we've been under the first 5 ! The sales has been good as well. I was just a little bit disappointed about the fact, that, after the release it took 4-5 weeks till the record was in store :-( Of course we've lost some sales because of that fact, but, ....still selling :-)

3. Our reviewer Satu said that it's heavier than the first one. Do you think you'll move into an even more harder n' faster direction with the next one?

Let's see. Right now we are in the middle of the songwrting process and we are very satiesfied with the result so far. The direction will be more or less the same, but we will try to focuse even more on the vocals of DC. He has an fantastic voice and we wanna feature his voice with the new material.

4. As you might know, many of us AOR-Europe writers are from Finland, so it was a quite a surprise to find that you had enlisted Finnish pop singer Inka Auhagen to duet with DC. How did that happen? Inka and Heavy Metal seems like an unlikely combination!

Inka is a good friend of Andre, our drummer. She lives in germany and is a friend of the band. When it came to the ballad, DC said : "Can we try a female singer in the ballad?" and Andre said, "I know a good female singer in my neighbourhood." We had no idea that she is a popular singer from Finland. But, when she stepped into the studio and started to sing.....well, we all had a big smile on our faces.

5. A follow up question to the last one...has Inka asked DC Cooper to return the favour, and sing on her CD? That might be something else! Especially if her next album is in Finnish! :)! :-)

6. What kind of audience do you have age-wise? We're interviewing you to an "Adult oriented rock" webzine - does your fanbase consist mostly of youngsters or are majority of them "adults"?

That's a good question, never asked before. To be honest, the age is depending on the country!!!! In France; Spain and Italy for example, the youngest fans are 14. In germany the youngest fan is 24.... so, it looks like in Germany there is a lack of young metal fans. Unfortunately we've never played in Scandinavia, so I can not tell.

7. Let's talk about touring: you've been on the road with Stratovarius and others - which tour has been the most memorable to you?

Every tour has its highlights...I can not pick. You know, all of us played also in other bands before DC toured with Royal Hunt/Saxon, Andre with Vanize /UDO and myself with Sinner /Mr. Big, Deep Purple, Svatage...etc... Every tour is different and memorable...

8. If you could choose, which band would you like to support (or have as a supporting act) on a tour? I guess you'd have no objection to Judas Priest for instance?

Honestly, we would love to play the next Stratovarius World Tour!! We have a good relation with the guys and the tour was fantastic. Unfortunately our record label w'ont pay the can't.

9. Speaking of Priest...have you seen the movie Rock Star, which is allegedly somewhat based on Priest and the recruiting of Ripper Owens? Any comments?

Torsten, our Keyboarder saw it and he loves the movie : " It is totally cliche`, but he loves it. He is like the real thing. On the other side DC saw the movie as well and he said :" It is not good".....looks like I have to check by myself.

10. Is there a chance of another DC Cooper solo album in the future? If yes, would it be more in the melodic vein or something completely different perhaps?

DC is preparing a new solo. I already heard some songs and it will be good stuff. Very melodic and progressive.

11. That's it really from me...if you have any comments to the Silent Force fans reading this or to the melodic rock fans in general, "the stage is yours"!

... I said this in all interviews before and I'm still saying it: We wanna thank everybody who is into REAL MUSIC. Especially HM/HR Fans are very special. They have big hearts and they like music which comes from the heart. Thanks to all fans worldwide for beeing a ROCK MUSIC FAN!


Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,
Photos provided by the band,