Gary Barden, the voice of Silver kindly answered a set of questions from us. We also talked about Statetrooper.

RockUnited: The new album sounds a bit different to the previous ones, less hook-filled and more...introspective? Did you change the style deliberately?

Gary: Hello Kimmo, thank you for listening to 'Intruder', I think the 'Silver' ingredients are all there still, Vossey's really beefed up the production on this one, made a 'rockier' feel to the album, we are very are pleased with the outcome.

RockUnited: Could you tell us a little bit about each song on the new album?

Gary: The opening track is 'Intruder', carrying on the 'Silver' tradition of putting the title track on first on each album, written with the 'Matrix' in mind if I remember, 'Troublemaker' an 'Aerosmithy' feel about it, 'Bleed' and 'Drowning' a more modern approach, 'Dance with the Devil' a tribute of course the late great Cozy Powell, 'How does it Feel, a real nice spacy ballad for me, 'Kismet' one of the 'popier' numbers on the album, 'Come On' one of my favorites, a real rocker, something we've never really done before, 'I don't love you Anymore' another great song for me to get my teeth in, 'Shine On' a rock gospel singalong and finally 'When the lights go Down' written after the nightclub the 'Jovel' in Muenster Germany closed down after 25yrs.

RockUnited: Out of the older Silver material, which songs are your favorites?

Gary: They are all 'Classic' songs for me, I'll pick a couple for you, from 'Silver' the title track, the one that started it all for me, and 'Christine' a beautiful haunting melody. From 'Dream Machines' I would say 'Chains' and 'She Came'.

RockUnited: Nobody ever forgets to mention your past as the MSG singer. You've done a lot of other stuff too, does it bother you that the first thing mentioned usually is a band you were in 20 years ago?

Gary: Nearly 24yrs now, I think it's amazing about this entertainment business that people do actually remember you, I thank them very much.

RockUnited: You're also involved in Statetrooper. What's going on in that "camp" these days?

Gary: The 'Trooper's' are back, we are working on the new album at the moment and have some real 'cracking' songs, will be released next year and possible gigs as well.

RockUnited: Are there any more projects you've got goin' on? Last year we were in Bangkok on our honeymoon and missed your and Voss' MSG Tribute show there by a week or so...

Gary: The show was canceled due to situations beyond my control.

RockUnited: You've worked with some big names in the past. Is the some particular artist you'd like to work with?

Gary: Everyone's good in their own right, too much choice I'm afraid, I can't say.

RockUnited: What have you got planned for the near future? Tours, videos, new releases?

Gary: There is talk of a live 'Best of Silver' DVD, but that's talk, as I said I'd like to get 'Trooper' on the road again with the new album.

RockUnited: What's your take on the Internet and related things, like filesharing? Do you think it'll eventually make a major difference in the record business?

Gary: If you mean 'copying' or 'burning' CD's from a single source and not buying the CD's from the bands, it will 'kill' bands, they need the 'selling' of their albums to carry on writing, producing and touring their music and also I like to read the slevenotes and checkout the artwork.

RockUnited: Any last message for our readers and your fans out there? If there's something you want to "advertise" and haven't done it yet, feel free to do so.

Gary: Thank you for your years of support, I couldn't of done it without you, I really hope you enjoy the 'Silver' part of my life at the moment, because I enjoy singing these songs to you. 'Keep the Faith'!


Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,
(c)2003 RockUnited.Com