SNAKEBITE, acoustic Whitesnake tribute band
May 15, 2003 - London Soho Pub, Budapest


There's a growing tendency for tribute albums - we have reviewed dozens of those [check the archives] - and there are more and more bands popping up who do nothing but tribute gigs. And since rock music is more underground than ever, the need and audience for these bands grow continuously as the original artists tour less and less. This year's Whitesnake tour does not include Hungary, and though I'm planning to attend either the Vienna or the Prague show, I was glad to hear about Snakebite, an acoustic Whitesnake tribute band. The band's singer K roly L‹rincz invited me to this gig, he let me know in a few words what to expect still I was very pleasantly surprised by the gig.

Never having been in the Pub before we arrived quite early and have decided to try some of the food. The setting was as intimate as it can get, small, elegant English style restaurant-like pub(?), people sitting at tables, eating, drinking, chatting; not the typical biker rocker meeting with beer pouring everywhere, drunken people demanding to hear "Born to Be Wild" no matter what band is on stage. So the atmosphere of the venue perfectly matched the atmosphere of the gig. The whole thing was very faithful to the "Starkers in Tokyo" album, the arrangements, the performance, even the set-list. All but three of the songs included on the album surfaced here with almost the same arrangement, and there were some really nice surprises. The complete set-list looked like this: Sailing Ships, Give Me All Your Love, Too Many Tears, Love Ain't No Stranger, Is This Love, Fool for Your Loving, Soldier of Fortune, Here I Go Again, Walking in the Shadow of the Blues, Slow n' Easy.

The sound was clear, Attila B torfi played well, but - like it or not - it's the vocalist who makes or breaks a Whitesnake cover (band). And K roly L‹rincz sounded a real dead ringer for the Master here. I must add that he even lived up to Coverdale's smooth personal -chatting with the audience- style on stage, he was short, polite, withdrawn between songs, winning the audience step by step for the band. [They were opening up for a Kiss tribute band here] I really missed "The Deeper The Love" and "Don't Fade Away" as those are among my fave Whitesnake songs but "Fool for Your Loving", "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues" and "Slow n' Easy" came as the surprises of the day, making the gig different from a simple "Starkers" copy concert. I may add that the choice and order of the songs was better IMHO than the one on "Starkers", so the whole thing turned out to be a ten pointer gig. I can only hope these guys get a chance to take this show abroad, as they are talented enough to deserve that. Meanwhile if you happen to stay a couple of days in Budapest, look for Snakebite in one of the pubs with live music. All in all: good music, good company, good food, good night. :)


Gig report: Endre "Bandi" Hübner

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