01.Weight Of The World
02. Freakshow
04. Paranoia
05. Unblame
06. Cyber Masquerade
07. In My Darkest Hour
08. Forgotten
09. Suckerpunch
10. Time
11. Misfired
12. The Fall from Grace
12. Awakened 


2016 earMUSIC

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SOTO : "Divak"

SOTO -  SOTO, featuring vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, Talisman, Eyes, etc.), has completed their 2nd studio album, ‘DIVAK’, to be released on April 1st 2016 via earMUSIC. ‘DIVAK’ (pronounced dee-vock) comes shortly after the debut release ‘Inside The Vertigo’, a mere 15 months partly due to Jeff Scott Soto’s insistence on continuing to create and build a true brand for his new venture. Once again the album is produced by Jeff Scott Soto and drummer, Edu Cominato, mixed by long time JSS engineer/associate, John Ellis. The result is a much stronger effort as it feature solid and more consistent songmaterial throughout the record. Find out more about their 2nd debut album and the songs. Here's their impressive vocalist and band leader:  JEFF SCOTT SOTO

"The Weight Of The World"... is mine. So, how are you?

Always exhilarated when a new album is about to drop, thanks for asking!

I believe this to be a huge step forward since your SOTO debut. Did you do things differently this time

One of the biggest steps forward is the involvement of the band both in writing and performing... the 1st one started as a solo album which I usually went to many within my musical neighborhood to help me create. DIVAK is more a family affair... and I think the songs are far superior and stronger!

Did your record label have any say about direction and style?

Not really, they know and trust my track record so much, don't insist on hearing demos of songs before committing to the next album. But I did discuss with the General Manager of the label what would be more advantageous to us as a whole and based on the reaction there, we delivered!

I love the groove of "Freakshow", tell us something about the track and what Tony Dickinson brought to the table.

Tony works with us over in Trans-Siberian Orchestra land, he is ultra talented as a musician and writer. Since he contributed so strongly to ITV, I invited him to do so on DIVAK as well. Its only coincidence he penned the 1st Singles on both albums!

"Paranoia". What is the story behind the song? And is it okay to throw in 'Nice To Know Ya' as the rhyme?

I got the theory of rhyming this from rap music, they take the oddest lines to rhyme with one another so its certainly a "why not" moment in my lyric writing. The idea behind the words are quite simple, its about escaping the throes of paranoia and everything that comes with falling prey to it.

Kindly tell us something about the overall writing process and the way you work as a band.

The guys all work on and submit their own song ideas, as producer and overseer, it's my job to choose the strongest ones to then write lyrics and melodies for. The final process is selecting what makes the final cut on the album but for this, I play the songs to many I respect including the label and my decisions rely heavily on opinions.

What kind of studio equipment and techniques are you using and what's the secret behind a good production and sound

We use the best that is available to us but the final product relies heavily on the mixing engineer and I delegate this chore to my long time mixer and bud John Ellis. He has mixed virtually every album I have been involved in since 2002. He continues to get better but that also is based on the level of recordings I submit to him which I have learned is more important than I put effort into in the past.

Which is the more forfilling, playing in a band or as the solo artist?

Both, totally different animals, with a band it has to be more democratic but also in this band, remember who's name the band is named after :)

So would you say it's a band effort rather than just SOTO the man? (and legend)

Yes, I think I have said just that several times already :)

Are you going to be able to take this show on the roads in Europe in 2016?

Yes, the tour there begins April 1, then we hit South America in May.

What did you learn and experience from your previous acts and albums? Never trust the three-piece-suits?

In many ways, I am a suit so I donąt judge, I go by who does what, who is all talk and who has a genuine interest overall on the master plan. Every album is a learning experience, even after 32 years in the business. The whole plan of releasing new music has changed but I am lucky enough to have my past as a platform to move into the future, it doesnąt stop me from the hunger of breaking new ground, not in the slightest.

Kindly describe SOTO and Divak to someone who's not come across you guys before.

Itąll smack you in the face, it'll bash you in the knees but it will also make you want to sing along as well as serve as a therapist of sorts... itąll make you feel like someone knows what you're going through and get you through it!

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do

SOTO, its more than a name, its a way of life, check it out and hear what we're doing for you!
Jeff Scott Soto

Interview by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,
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