It was the last night of the yearly Spinefeast event in Nosturi and as usual the tickets were already sold out in advance for each night. As we got to the place just in time to check out the third band of the evening, Twilightning, already at eleven o'clock there was lots going on. Mostly the bands on Saturday interested the younger crowd, which was in an even worse condition than their parents probably ever were. The finnish bands also interested the foreign crowd. Each band played for about an hour, so they couldn't please everyone, even as hard as someone was shouting for the cover of "Paranoid", the number one request from cover songs.

Twilightning is a young melodic metal band that knows damn well what a good live show should look like. There wasn't a boring moment in their show as singer Heikki Pöyhiä with his rock'n'roll attitude kept the action going on stage together with their keysman Mikko Naukkarinen. Heikki even jumped below the stage in front of the audience, walking around there and singing one song down there. They played the Alice Cooper cover "Wind-up Toy", which their fans seem to love. Mikko was having a riot behind his keys and even confronted the lame crowd trying to get some action going. Nothing's what it used to be, the youngsters of today aren't as easy to get going as the crowd in the eighties. But their hit "Into Treason" seemed to be working the best and the fans were singing along to it and showing hands in the air. "Riot Race" was also heard and older material from their first album. Altogether an interesting and energetic band to see, though the band still needs some more work in playing better together live. Their future looks bright though with the success over in Japan and their latest album is even more powerful than their debut, so it should make some heads turn their way.

What comes to Entwine, the last band of the day, their image and music don't fit all that well together. They look like a pop band in their short hairs and sweaters, but still sound like the bittersweet, sad (in good sense of the word) goth band they are. Nothing's wrong with their music, but their looks just don't convince you they're into what they do with all their hearts. Live the band sounded good, I really enjoyed listening to them and the many hits they played. The only problem along with the looks though is the lame show. Of course a crying music like this isn't about jumping around cheerfully, but they should come up with something instead of just mostly standing still. Some wild dancers were seen during their show among the crowd and the devoted fans really pressed themselves towards the barriers. The night was truely black and melancholic, most of the fans were dressed up in nice costumes and some even celebrated Halloween already. Turmion Kätilöt was supposed to play this evening also, but had to cancel. But one of their members was at least at the scene having a lot of fun. Kiuas was the band that began the evening.

Report by Satu Reunanen
Pictures by Kari Helenius

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