Street Talkin' with...Street Talk

Street Talk, who were one of the first bands reviewed on Loud & Clear, recently released their second album "Transition". We caught up with main man Fredrik Bergh for a little chitchat...

"Transition" has been out a couple of months now, and was just released in Japan too. Has it sold like hot cakes? Seriously, what kind of feedback have you gotten from the fans?

Regarding the sales figures it’s really too early to say as I haven’t heard any real figures yet…But I really hope we can sell a lot of records this time around as the reactions towards "Transition" has been nothing but awsome! The album have recieved great reviews from the press and I’m hearing positive vibes from rock fans from all around the world. The album have recently been released in Japan and I just heard that BURRN! Magazine in Japan have given the album 86 out of 100 points which is a very good score! And The European magazines have also given the album top scores…so I’m very pleased with the reactions to the new disc!

What are your own favourite songs on it?

Well, to be honest with you I have to say that I like every song on the whole album…I think Street Talk is an album oriented band where you should listen to the whole album from start to finish… But O.K. if I have to choose my personal fave tracks I would pick the following : "Need Someone", "Ye Gods And Little Fishes", "Always Stand By You" and "If Anybody Breaks Your Heart".

Göran Edman is the vocalist on this album, but according to his own words he is only a "hired hand". Will you be using him in the future, or are you looking for a vocalist who might be willing to become a fulltime member?

Yes, that’s right, Göran is a hired hand on this album. Göran’s "main" band at the moment is Kharma. But as the aor market is not so big at the moment and as either Kharma or Street Talk are doing any time consuming tours I hope Goran can sing on recordings with both yes, I hope he can sing on the next Street Talk album too. We haven’t been looking for a fulltime lead vocalist for Street Talk as we’re not in need of a full time vocalist as we’re not doing any tours at this moment….

I get the feeling that Street Talk is pretty much "your baby", with you producing and writing all the material. Would you say it's more of a band than a project?

Street Talk is very much my own project at this moment in time as I have written, arranged and produced the new album totally on my own except the lyrics on two tracks which Goran Edman wrote…But I have to tell you that I could never have done this album without the input from all the great musicians that participates on the album!

Any touring plans, and with what line-up?

Not at the moment…I really hope the sales figures will be good so we can go out on tour in support for this album… If we do a tour I hope to have the same line up as on the album with me…We’ll see what happens…

Have you considered writing for other artists, or have you already done that? How about producing?

I have recently started to write some songs for other artists through the publishing company Warner/Chappell here in Sweden….The music I write for other artists is nothing like AOR, it’s more in a soft dance pop style. Yes! I would love to work as a producer for other artists in the future!

Any idea what the next album will be like?

It’s too early to say what the next album will be like…There are some new stuff I have been working on, but I haven’t really started to concentrate on the third album yet…

Okay, last but not least, the Finnquestion...have you ever visited Finland? If so, what did you think of our country?

Kimmo, I’m sorry to say that I have never been to Finland yet! I would love to go there someday though!

NOTE: Images borrowed from Street Talk Website