The third, and what many seem to consider the best Street Talk album "Restoration" was released last year and found it's way to many of our "best of 2002" charts. We thought it was about time we spoke with the main man Fredrik Bergh about the album, the future and that bleedin' ketchup song!

1. "Restoration" see Street Talk going to a bit more harder-edged direction. What prompted you to do that - you finally stopped being "nice"? (We applaud you for that!)

It was my plan to write more uptempo material for this album as it felt natural in the progression of Street Talk. But I don't think it's so much harder edged compared to Transition. It's just that the new album have more uptempo songs on it and it is slightly more guitar based. We're still nice. haha!

2. Where's the follow-up for Energizer Bunny?? Did you lose your sense of humor lately?

Ha Ha Ha...yes, we absolutely lost our sense of humor on the new album....Well, regarding the follow up to "Engergizer Bunny" you really should ask Göran as he's the one responsible for that lyric....

3. It seems like Street Talk is a more like a vehicle for you instead of a real band sometimes, with the guest vocalists etc. Is it like this, or are there "real" members in ST besides you?

I guess Street Talk is and have always been more or less my own project from day one.But I can say that there are two very important people in Street Talk besides me. Guitar ace Sven Larsson and I are working very close together with pre-productions and stuff and we're also very good friends, so he really is a big part of Street Talk.Also, Goran Edman have been very much involved in the songwriting for Restoration, so he's also an important part of the Street Talk sound. To be honest with you, as the aor scene is so small these days and there are no tours or anything lined up for most acts I think that there are very few "real" bands left in this genre. I guess most of the releases coming out on the indie aor labels are pure studio projects.

4. Do you see any chance for live shows or tours?

We haven't been playing live for a long time and we have no concrete plans for a tour at this moment.but I hope we can go out on tour in support of "Restoration".Or at least I hope we will be able to play at some melodic rock festivals or something.any offers? :)

5. How much input does Göran have on the songs? How can he insert Street Talk into his way-too-busy schedule?

Göran and I co-wrote six songs on the new album where I wrote all the music and he wrote the lyrics and the vocal melodies.So he was very much involved in the song writing on the new album.On the previous cd's I wrote more or less all the music and the lyrics/melodies. On the second question you have to ask Göran :).

6. Doesn't it worry you that some of Göran's other projects (Kharma for instance) are sometimes musically close to ST?

Not really. I don't have any problems with that.

7. Has there been any talk about Hugo's role in the band in future?

Well. I guess it's too early to say at this moment as I have no plans for a fourth Street Talk studio album within the near future.But I think we'll work toghther some more in the future both with Street Talk and with some other projects as well.I spoke to him about playing some keyboards on one of the songs on his forthcoming third solo album, so maybe I'll return the favour by playing on his new album.we'll see.

8. Besides ST, have you been involved in any other projects, rock or otherwise? The last time we talked you mentioned that you had started to write songs for Warner/Chappell...what became of it? And PLEASE don't tell us that you wrote the "Ketchup Song"!

Ha, I didn't write THAT song. But god I wish I did write it...can you imagine the money the songwriters will get! :) be honest, I have some stuff on the side, and hopefully the projects I'm involved in will be released on record in 2003.I don't wanna mention any names of the projects I'm involved with, as I wanna finish the recordings first before I reveal anything ;-)

9. You co-wrote a couple of tracks with Urban Tale for "Restoration". Are you going to return the favour and co-write something for them?

Yes, I wrote two songs with Kimmo and Erkka from UT, and I'm very pleased with those tracks. Absolutely! I would love to write some stuff with Kimmo and Ekrra for Urban Tale in the future.Just let me know guys ;-)

10. How have the previous ST albums done? Do the record sales bring food to the table for a band like Street Talk?

Well. What I can say is that I'm very proud of the first two Street Talk albums musicwise and they have received amazing reviews and great feedback from fans all over the world..but they haven't sold that well as it's pretty difficult to sell larger amounts of records within the AOR genre these days. So no, I can not make a living from making aor albums in 2003.

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Interview credits
Questions: Kimmo and Bandi, with spritual assistance from the rest of the group
Photos: provided by Fredrik