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"Stan Bush"
(1983/re-issued 1999 by Rewind)

Excellent first effort from our man Stan, not unlike Rick Springfield's albums of the early eighties, full of guitar-driven pop rockers with catchy choruses. Highlights include "Fire In My Heart", "Can't Live Without Love" and "Say The Word". One of the tracks, "All American Boy" was later covered by Y&T.

Stan Bush & Barrage: "s/t"
(1987 Scotti Bros)

A classic. This album sees Stan finding his own style, and what's more, it sees him writing a handful of AOR masterpieces! From the hard-edged melodic rockers "Primitive Lover" and "Take It Like A Man" to tearjerking ballads "Love Don't Lie" (also covered by House Of Lords) and "What Is Love" this album is a dream come through for any melodic rock fan.

(1999 Now & Then)

After a few more average albums, Stan returned to the "Barrage" monicker and released a bunch of old and newer tracks on this album. Songs like "Didn't I", "Love Don't Come Easy" and "Joanna" proved that he hadn't lost "it", even though the production leaved a lot to be desired. The original review can be found in the Archive.

Stan Bush


1. What is going on in the world of Stan Bush right now?

I am working on a new album now we hope to have completed by February.

2. Can we expect a follow up to the hard rockin' Barrage album "Heaven" any time soon? if so, will it be all new songs or are you going to include a few oldies again?

This new album is definitely going to rock! I've been writing with producer Curt Cuomo (Kiss, Eddie Money). As far as I know it will be all new songs.

3. What is your favourite album, out of all the ones you've made?

Probably the original Stan Bush & Barrage album that came out in '87 on Scotti Bros/Epic.

4.You're an established songwriter. Which songs do you reckon have been your biggest "success stories"?

Well definitely winning an Emmy Award for "Til I Was Loved By You" was an amazing thing. The song aired on an episode of The Guiding Light, an American Soap opera, and was used in a beautiful wedding scene. Gloria Sklerov and I were nominated and won for Best Original Song.

5. Who do you consider your favourite people to write with?

Well, I like writing with Curt Cuomo. We have a great chemistry writing together. I also like writing with Gloria.

6. If you could team up with absolutely anyone to write a song, who would you choose?

Don Henley

7. Let's take another shot at this "fantasy game": if you could choose an artist to record one of your songs, who could that be? Any song/artist pairing you think would be a potential smash hit?

Probably The Eagles. but that would definitely be a fantasy, because they don't record outside material. I'm not sure about who I would like for a male/female duet, but I really like Amanda Marshall. I'm not sure how popular she is in Europe, but she hasn't really broken through big in the States.

8. I've read that you've been considered as the vocalist for some big melodic rock groups. Have you been approached by anyone lately? At this stage, would you consider joining some band? What band would be an interesting option?

Well I guess you must know I was approached by Foreigner a few years back. They flew me to New York to audition with them when Lou Gramm had left the band. I nearly got the gig, but they did one album with the guy they had, not much happened with it. I think it was just as well that I didn't get the gig. Anyway Foreigner isn't Foreigner without Lou Gramm. By the way I toured with Lou in Europe, and he's one of my favorite rock singers.

9. Last but not least, we have a bad habit of tormenting people about their knowledge of Finland...what do you know about our little country?

Not alot I'm afraid. I know a bit of history, and I've of course done some press interviews with some of my past releases. I would like to go there sometime. It looks like I'll be doing a European tour in the spring along with the release of my new album on Now & Then Records.

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