Petri interviewed Swedish rockers Stockholm Showdown...

1. Let´s start with an introduction. Who are the guys in the band and how did the story of Stockholm Showdown get started?

Ronnie: -Stockholm Showdown was born in the summer of 2001 when me (Rosen-Bass/Voc.) and Stefan (Lead Voc/Guit.) meet in Stockholm City, we hadn´t seen each other since way back in New York City when we where playin´together in Princess Pang. We´ve always connected well when writing songs together, back in these days we wrote most of the songs. I wasn´t worried about the songwriting we´ve always had loads of ideas for songs , I was more worried about the feeling of playing together again and to get the “right people” with us.

Sterta: -Me and Ronnie decided to give it a shot again. After demo-ing songs for a couple of months we had to get some great musicians for the band. Drummer was no problem, Trunk (Drummer) popped up in our minds right away. He´s a great drummer and a long lost friend of ours. When it came to down to lead-guitarist it was a little tougher… After we´ve been auditioning like 15 guitarplayers Trunk said he knows an studio-musician that we can try out.

Ronnie: -Actually he was just comin´back from the far east, like way down in India somewhere. He´d been there for a few years and just got back to Stockholm. Slim (Lead Guit.) and Trunk (Drums) did some studio musician work together in the oast. He was just right for us, weird enough and he´d been through his share of drugs too. Right away from the day we became a 4 – piece band everything just sounded right like Sthlm Showdown,

2. Now that we know how it all started how will the story continue?

Ronnie: Lately we´ve been working on a lot of new songs.

Sterta: We´re pleased with the songs on the debut album which is available on or through Mega Rock distrubution. I think the 2nd album will be heavier, there´s some really really great new songs, It feels like we´ve been taken another step lyrics and music –wise it really feels like Sthlm Showdown has found its' sound.

Ronnie: We´ve been playin´gigs in Sweden but we also like to come and play in Finland and round in Europe hopefully soon..

3. Your music has a lot of influences from the seventies? If you could bring one thing from the seventies to 21st century what would it be (when talking ´bout music)?

Sterta: The musical freedom and energy that a lot of bands had in the 70´s.

Ronnie: The punkrock explosion – I really think it was just what the music scene needed at the time.

4. One of your promo letters said that you are no boy scouts? Now what does that mean exactly?

Sterta: We´ve done everything and still want more….

Ronnie: We´d sure been through some heavy stuff, you know Stockholm Showdown was actually formed at a detox hospital in Stockholm…but we´d left these days behind nowadays. It´s like I me and myself cant get enough of rock and roll., an´why would I ? I’m having the time of my life! I still love playing our songs at rock-clubs and it’s a great feeling when people are getting into it …like into the groove of rock and roll. We have this song on the 1st album called “Vanilla Skies” and the pre-chorus goes: “I´ve been there, seen it, done that kit - and I sure got the scares to prove it” And we´ve been through heroin addiction and motorcycle accidents and divorces and shit you know….so we sure are no boy scouts exactly…..

5. Johnny Thunders and Princess Pang come up constantly when talking about S.S. . Is that something you don´t want to emphasise or is it something you cherish?

Ronnie: Well, at times it makes me sad cos´ JT is not with us anymore but you gotta remember the good times right! I don´t mind answering questions about that time if someone wants to know. As far as Princess Pang I don’t really think people in Scandinavia heard very much about that band ,I think it´s more press from the states that brings that up. I lived in New York City for over 10 years so of course that will always be a big part of my life. I will always love NYC and all my friends there …Hey Phoebe Legere I miss you and I hope you will sing to me soon again…

6. You´ve been around a long time. How have your views on life and music changed during that time?

Sterta: The music scene is very familiar with what it was 15 years ago, and a good rock n´roll –song is always a good rock n´roll song .

Ronnie: Yeah! Sometimes it really feels like everything just goes around in one big circle you know. Personally I´ve become more mature of course I don’t think Im sucha big asshole I once was (laugh…..)

Sterta: (laughing) I´m not sure….(more laugh)

Ronnie: No, but it´s easy to forget but hard to forgive right and I never had time for no regrets anyways…. I feel more relaxed these days more at ease with myself I guess…

7. Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) often says that music has no business in music-business. Do you think that describes the current state of the music industry these days?

Ronnie: Well for quite some time now the record companies put together their boy-bands or girl-bands. They are really just in the business to sell a product , to them I don´t think it would make a difference if they where selling shampo or whatever….they certainly don´t care about the musicians anyway.

Sterta: I agree with Ronnie. I do have a feeling that a change is coming though……

Ronnie: I believe this is a big reason many bands have their own record-companies these days. At least that way you have some control over your music.

8. Lately the Swedish rock scene has pretty much been about Hellacopters and Backyard Babies. When will Stockholm Showdown be mentioned among them, or is it something you want to avoid?

Sterta: Hellacopters are a good band I think. They have their street-look and do their own thing which I like.

Ronnie: Yeah! That last album I liked too but I haven´t heard them that much… Well you cant control things like that who will a music-paper compare you with and so on if that things happens fine if not too bad….

Sterta: It´s good someone in Sweden holds up the Rock n Roll tradition.

Ronnie: Sure! You know any band that’s been on tour for a couple of years grows into this rock n roll mentality thing and you become rock n roll in a way…it may sound a bit strange and only musicians that have done it may know what I mean but you can usually tell just by looking at a band live…I just think its cool there´s some rock – bands selling albums in Sweden you know really….cheers to ya´mates !!!

9. How do you think the Internet has helped your band and what´s your take on MP3´s?

Sterta: The net is good for every band to promote themselves. A cool web-site really helps a band get out there I think these days its allmost a must.

Ronnie: Yeah, internet has a lot of info on music that I don’t think Ive seen 1% and sometimes it seemes like some bands have a web page before they have songs…MP3´s as far as promotion is really good maybe half the song or 1 song from an album could be cool to “give away” but a whole album as a “give away” as a musician Im not too fond of that idea really.

10. And now if there´s something you want to promote or say , please go ahead.

Sterta: To every Rock-n-Roller out there!!! There´s sure worth your while checking out Stockholm Showdown LIVE!!! We´ve always liked Scandinavian girls and Finnish girls are generally very hot & good lookin´… For all lovely Finnish-rocker-girls let´s spend the night together...

Ronnie: Check out news at And I really hope we´d be playing near you soon and that you don’t wanna miss!!!

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