So what's the Story, Teller?

L & C interviewed Stephen Teller of Storyteller...

1.Majority of the songs on "Corridor Of Windows" were written quite a long time ago. Do you feel that they still represent the band well enough?

ST: They actually represent the band at it's pinnacle. We feel they are the true sound of the band.

2. Have you written anything for Storyteller's next album yet? Do you have any idea about the direction it will take?

ST: A few of us have been working on some things independently so when it's time to think about another record we'll pool our ideas. I think we'll try and keep somewhat of the same direction - concentrating on big hooks and big sounds though I'm sure things will evolve and maybe even lead to a few surprises.

3. What have you been up to after the early nineties, when you put Storyteller "on hold" (if I understand correctly)?

ST: Jerome produces computer games, Craig is a lightboard operator for film & TV, John is a soundman with a staging company and myself (Stephen Teller) never left the music business. I'm a composer for TV & film and am producing album projects.

4. Are you currently involved in other projects or bands, or are you concentrating on Storyteller only?

ST: The Storyteller album was a very involved project - it took some time. Presently I'm working on something for Discovery channel and in between I'm working on other original projects still untitled.

5. What kind of music do you listen to yourself, and who would you say are your biggest influences?

ST: Since I'm in the studio 5-7 days a week I like to listen to some very different kinds of things when I'm not working. I'm very much into electronic music. I've got quite a few vintage synthesizers some of which were used on the Storyteller record which I create original atmospheric music with. But when I want to rock I listen to old Styx-Wings-Journey-Genesis-Beatles-Badfinger -stuff like that. My influences are all these kinds of music-music that creates images!

6. The album notes I got prior to the release of the album listen a song called "She Always Smiles", what happened to that one?

ST: It's on the Japanese release (Pony Canyon).

7. 7. Last but not least...since I am from Finland, I usually ask this: what do you know about Finland? The myths, the legends...

A: All I know of Finland is - I'd love to go there - Now I guess I know somebody! Do they have vintage synthesizers in Finland?

Dunno about that...anyone? Let me know, and I'll gladly pass the info to Stephen...