The new album of Dutch rockers Stream Of Passion called A War Of Our Own (see review) was released just a month ago. The album was made possible by crowd funding and it is probably their most progressive and melodic album so far. At this moment the band is on tour to promote their fourth studio album, but still Marcela Bovio had time for an interview, so here we go.

So, Marcela, how was the album received; were the reviews all right, or were there are also negative reviews for A War Of Our Own?

“The album was received very well indeed as most of the reviews I have seen and read were very positive. I truly believe that A War Of Our Own is the best album we have made so far. The sound is perfect, the production is great and the songs are excellent as well, so we are all really happy with this new album.”

Does it still bother you if you read a negative review about your new album?

“Yes, it still hurts in a way, but you cannot please everybody, so, it is just a personal opinion, best to forget about it as fast as you can.”

Could you tell our readers something more about the title please?

“Of course. All the songs on the album deal with certain aspects of struggle; like e.g.. disease, war, terrorism, drugs, etc. So, we thought that this title would really suit these topics; but A War Of Our Own is not a concept album.”

You have been on tour now to promote the new album, how were the new songs received by the audience?

“Very well, actually.. The crowd really seemed to like the new songs; there were even some sing along moments already although the songs were really new for the audience.”

On the new album there are more songs with Spanish lyrics, why was that and what is the difference in singing in English and in Spanish for you?

“Well, English is more direct and Spanish is really emotional for me as it is my mother tongue.”

Could you imagine that you will be singing songs for Stream Of Passion in Dutch?

“Well, you never know, it might be an option, but at this moment my Dutch is not good enough to give that a try. You will have to wait a couple of years, I think, ha ha..”

What are the musical changes on this new album compared to your previous one?

“It is definitely more a progressive album with lots of bombastic passages. And I think that most of the songs are more complex and more melodic.”

I sadly miss a couple of guitar solos as they can only be heard in the last three tracks of the album.

“Yes, I can imagine that if you like guitar solos that you might be a bit disappointed; but it was not done on purpose. It just happened to turn out this way, you cannot force a guitar solo into a song just because you need to please the guitar freaks.”

Do you still get remarks about influences you use in your music of bands like Within Temptation or Epica;?

“Not anymore! I think that we have a sound of our own now and especially with this new record we have moved away from their sound. Of course, there will always be interfaces as Stream Of Passion, just like WT and Epica is a female fronted rock band, but I think our sound is rather unique.”

Maybe that is due to the production of Joost van den Broek?

“Yes, I think you are right. Joost did a wonderful job, again. He also wrote stuff and together with us we made the record complete.”

What is your ambition?

“To have fun and to enjoy our music as we play the songs on stage. Maybe we would like to become a completely professional band, so that we all could live from our music and performances; but at this moment that is not possible yet.”

Would you do concessions with regards to your music just to become more commercially successful?

“No, that is not an option.”

What is your favorite track on the album and will you perhaps release a single from the new album?

“Of course I like all the songs on the album, ha ha… Maybe, Don’t Let Go belongs to my favs on the album as it is a spontaneous song and very melodic as well. Concerning a single I cannot tell you anything about that just now, but I think it will be difficult, money wise, etc.”

What do you consider the hardest work, singing or writing lyrics?

“Definitely writing lyrics as I think that lyrics are important so they need to be good.”

Do politics play a role in your lyrics?

Not really, the lyrics are more about injustice. The songs are more to activate people and support them in taking initiative to realize their dreams and live their life in a better way. So, in other words, make the difference yourself, do something, stand up!

Thanks for your time, Marcela.

“Thank you, Martien, tot ziens.

Interview by Martien Koolen
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