Vesa interviewed Shane French of TEER...

1. What's going on in the world of Teer?

Currently, Teer is in the process of writing new material and seeking a new bassist to replace Don Crandall. Don wanted to pursue other musical ideas. Hopefully within a month we will regroup and do some rehearsals and try out the new material live somewhere in Florida.

2. Your first album was very much appreciated among fans of melodic/hard rock. How did that feel because we surely don't have too many new bands coming out, I mean good bands.

We were very happy with the response to our CD, even though we ourselves were a little disappointed with some of the production aspects. We wanted the CD to sound more like our live shows... More "in your face". We thought there was too much keyboard. In regard to how it was accepted by the press and our fans, I don't think we could have been more fortunate. I've read only a couple of bad reviews / comments compared to hundreds of good ones.

3. You have played at Gods twice but other than that have Teer done much of shows?

We've been playing live in Florida since January of 1994. Usually we did about 2 shows per month. Later, around the time we did the Teer CD we played more frequently to prepare for the Gods shows. We have a very loyal and large local fan base here in central Florida.

4. Who are your main influences and why melodic/hard rock and not Nu-metal or this Linkin Park style of music?

All of us in the band grew up listening to melodic rock and metal, and when we first started playing in bands in the late 80's, it was still popular. We put Teer together in late 1992 when there was still traces of melodic rock out on the radio. We decided at that point that we would play what we liked rather than try to play grunge. We all disliked the popular music and knew we could not play it and be happy. So we just kept playing melodic rock as long as the fans kept coming to the shows. No one else was doing melodic metal in this area and it really helped us in making an identity that people remembered.

5. Where do you see Teer in 5 years time?

In 5 years I would like Teer to have a contract with a larger label, hopefully in the U.S. It would be great if we could have as many fans in the States as we do abroad.

6. What do think of the current status of music?

I think the status of rock music is terrible. There is a complete lack of originality and I think the songwriting is awful. The only two new rock CD's I bought this year were Butch Walker and Riddlin Kids. Those CD's have great songwriting. However, those CD's will never go platinum like Korn or Linkin Park because they aren't force-fed to the public like nu-metal is. I primarily listen to country music when I'm at home or in my truck driving. There's so much more talent and better songs in country music. Besides, you can still hear Dan Huff rip it up on a lot of those country songs!

7. Did you happen to see Guns'n'Roses perform at MTV VMA and what did you think of that. Does it give us hope that hard rock will become big again?

I thought the band sounded great, but Axl needs to retire. I wonder if anyone close to Axl has pointed out to him that he can't sing those songs anymore. The good thing about that performance was that it shows the demand for good hard rock is still there. The audience was way into the show, which surprised me.

8. When can we expect some new music from Teer? It has been way too long.

I don't know for sure, but I hope by spring we've got a new CD ready. 9. Are you planning of doing something outside Teer. I may do something with Millenium again or another project with Ralph Santolla. I'm going to meet with him soon and see what he's got going.

10. I always try to end the interview with a question concerning Finland. Do you know what is the capital of Finland?

I'm going to guess Helsinki, since it is the only city I can think of in Finland right now! (Vesa: that was a correct answer! Full points!)

Interview by Vesa Nuorala,