This is "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks", in which we take a closer look at particular artist's or band's back catalogue, and choose the 10 finest moments. These are our subjective choices, so if you want to ask how on earth we could leave off such and such song from the list, you can... and the answer is... because we could.

  Kiss Me Deadly"Lovely Lita - Ain't no one Sweeta!" What about this U.K. legend and hard rock queen? Born 19 September 1958 in London, England. When she was in second grade, she moved with her family to the United States. The Runaways? Ford released an autobiography entitled 'Living Like A Runaway' (and album/2012) that deals with her rock life in the 70s and as member of the all-female act. Adventures with Sid and Nancy? However. This being about her Music and solo career and after leaving The Runaways as that band began to fell apart in 1979, at first to work with the Stepmothers (band), Lita worked as a beautician by day to pay the bills and it took quite some time to get the right kind of attention from record labels regarding her music and what she had to offer.

Actually, Ford eventually resigned with the Mercury label (as from the Runaways days) and released the solo debut, "Out For Blood" in 1983. The collaboration with Neil Merryweather (60s/70s cult bassist) only lasted for one album as he was never paid for his management or production. 'Die For Me Only (Black Widow)', the creepiest track and Lita's definitely obssessed with hairy-scary spiders and especially the black widow. She would compose another couple of tunes on the subject ('Black Widow' and 'Little Black Spider') on the 'Dangerous Curves' album. The MTV years, including truly wicked videos and stunning outfits, brought more attention to the rocker and her music. 'Dancin' on the Edge' in 1984, the first stepping stone and Tony 'Abusive' Iommi of Black Sabbath co-produced the lost album 'The Bride Wore Black', which was never released.

After a couple of lost years, Ford hired Sharon Osbourne Management, signed with RCA Records, scored the successful duet-hit with Ozzy and re-emerged with a more radio-friendly sound. Her most commercially successful album, the self-produced 'Lita' was released in 1988. The following, 'Stiletto' (1990) was a major disappointment and Lita quickly returned to the studio with her 'Dangerous Curves'. There would be a 14-year gap between 'Black' (1995) and the comeback album in 2009. Ford is a rather underrated guitarist and not to mention vocalist? She was nominated twice for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance of the year. 1985 for 'Dancin On The Edge', but lost out to Tina Turner, and again in 1993 (Melissa Etheridge). She can rip and shred like any mad howling werewolf out there and she's definitely the very classy/flashy six-string bender. Here's the humble tribute to the Rock Goddess - The Big Ten:

10. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight
The sort of forgotten effort from "Black", Ford's sixth studio album which featured a change of style, compared to the other albums. It's the dark ages (1995) and Ford moved into other territories such as grunge and blues. It's overall the rather bleak musical experience. However. This is a catchy number and something Ford should be performing live. Shame about the original weak production by the Robb brothers and the song was re-recorded for the 'Time Capsule' in 2016.

9. War Of The Angels
"God only knows what happens to love when innocence is gone". A little bit of KISS (I Still Love You), a little bit of Metallica (The Unforgiven) and a whole lotta' LITA. Another lost track from the 'Black' album and the powerful ballad goes straight to the heart. Which is good since the mind is telling us not to pay any attention whatsoever to the production. This song was also re-recorded for the 'Time Capsule' album in 2016.

8. Devil In My Head
Howl? Prowl? Lita attempts to come to terms with her past (in the mirror of time) on this rocker and sort of confessional anthem. Easily mislead and drawn to the dark side, 'Devil In My Head' is one of her heaviest, if not The heavy song written for the 'Living Like A Runaway' sessions in 2012. It's darn cool and goes lyrically from a standard track to something that's almost about horror and terror. It's about demons and the voices that kept screaming inside her head. Wicked guitar work!

7. Little Too Early
Composed by Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow/Deep Purple/Fandango) and the two guitarists Al Pitrelli (JLT, Alice Cooper, Widowmaker, Asia, Savatage, Megadeth) and Richie Blakemore of Fandango (not to be confused with Blackmore) in the 80s (Blakemore sadly died in a traffic accident in August 1983 aged 33) and originally intended for Turner's solo album. The Jolt-man decided however against recording it and the song ended eventually up in the lap of Lita and her Dangerous Curves.

6. Close My Eyes Forever
This Ford/Osbourne-composed power ballad from the 1988 album 'Lita', proved to be the highest-charting Lita Ford single in the U.S. (No. 8) and obviously a fan favorite. Lyrically, the Lita/Ozzy duet is darker and slightly more morbid than your average puppy love rock ballad of the eighties. It's big hair, big chills, cheap thrills. "You're like a dagger, and stick me in the heart and taste the blood from my blade. And when we sleep, would you shelter me in your warm and darkend grave?".

5. Shot Of Poison
The song was nominated for a 1993 Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and was written by Ford, Myron Grombacher, and Jim Vallance. It's the HEART sounding track from the 'Dangerous Curves' album. Beautifully textured rhythm guitar and the verses are particularly bitter sweet and speak of love for destruction and fatal attraction. Lipstick'd and laced with a catchy honey-sweet refrain and guitars that sound wretched. Holds the "classic" lines of "I'm a midnight animal trying to score before I go insane".

4. Hit N Run
From The 1984 album 'Dancin' On The Edge' and featuring some truly wicked licks and tricks plus solo by Lita. Add to this a killer rhythm section of Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi) and the late and great Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne) and you're all set for a rockin'good time. Co-written by Lita and Jeff Paris (still performing under his real name Geoffrey Leib - nerd alert! nerd alert!), it's Paris' first hard rock credit after spending years as a session musician in the soul/disco/jazz genre. Paris performed bg vocals and keyboards alongside Canadian legend, Aldo Nova.

3. Playing With Fire
"We were riding high like flames against the sky. Innocent and wild, we were playin' with fire". Another co-write by Bryan Adams' old sidekick and former Prism member Jim Vallance. The smoking hot little number from 'Dangerous Curves' and one of those songs which you'll find yourself shouting along to at the top of your lungs. This delightful little charmer feels more like a peek into pure AOR rather than her Runaways' past. It's catchier than wildfire and the woman's clearly hotter than hell - what more can you possibly ask for?

2. Gotta Let Go
Marvelous tune from the 'Dancin' On The Edge' album in 1984 and thus the year of the RATT and Out Of The Cellar. Who copied who? The guitar riff, sound and overall structure of this composition will constantly have you thinking RATT even though Lita is one cool KATT. By the way. That's how you actually spell 'cat' in Swedish. Co-written by Lita and Jeff Paris and me still thinks someone had been listening to RATT prior to writing this little ripper. "Don't ya' wanna be the main attraction? All you need is a little chain reaction, if you wanna set the night on fire". Yeah, you gotta... love it!

1. Kiss Me Deadly
"I went to a party last Saturday night. I didn't get laid, I got in a fight. Uh-huh It ain't no big thing". If there's ever been a Party-time anthem? It's got that happy-go-lucky kind of sound that goes hand in hand with having fun in the sun and hot summer nights. From the album 'Lita', the dreamy 1988 keyboard opening smoothly wrapped around Lita's lovely voice and curves took it all the way to the number 12 position on the U.S. Billboard Top 100 Mainstream charts. "But I know what I like, I know I like dancin' with you. And I know what you like. I know you like dancin' with me".

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Individual lists:

Kimmo Toivonen:

10. Stiletto
9. Shot of Poison
8. Gotta Let Go
7. Playing With Fire
6. Aces & Eights
5. Close My Eyes Forever
4. Little Too Early
3. Falling In and Out of Love
2. Kiss Me Deadly
1. Holy Man

Martien Koolen:

10. Falling In and Out Of Love
9. Shot of Poison
8. Blueberry
7. Bkack Widow
6. Betrayal
5. Playing With Fire
4. Hit N Run
3. Close My Eyes Forever
2. Kiss Me Deadly
1. Hungry

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10.Falling In and Out Of Love
9. Hungry
8. Holy Man
7. Shot Of Poison
6. Little Too Early
5. Gotta Let Go
4. Hit N Run
3. Playing With Fire
2. Close My Eyes Forever
1. Kiss Me Deadly