This is "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks", in which we take a closer look at particular artist's or band's back catalogue, and choose the 10 finest moments. These are our subjective choices, so if you want to ask how on earth we could leave off such and such song from the list, you can... and the answer is... because we could.

  In 1980, a band called Trojan hurled themselves onto the rock scene with less of a fanfare and more of a wet fart. Because no one wants to see a band named after a condom, they soon changed to Shy, releasing the punnily titled 'Once Bitten Twice...' in 1983. this certainly got them noticed and they were snapped up by RCA for the very highly regarded 'Brave The Storm' and 'Excess All Areas'. MCA released the better-than -you-remember-it 'Misspent Youth' in 1989. Although vocalist Tony Mills came back in the next century for a couple of albums the three major label releases are generally regarded as the Holy Grail of Shy.

My own first experience of the band was way back in the early days, when I saw them in their Birmingham home town and was told off by Mills for putting my foot on his monitor. Funny how these memories stick with you, although it's not as mentally scarring as the time Ozzy Osbourne raped my cat because I looked at him funny (not true, lawyers).

Choosing ten of the best for Shy was, primarily, fun. I still remember the free t-shirt I got with the 'Brave The Storm' album, just as I remember meeting the band in a pub before a gig on the 'Excess All Areas' tour. As Mills told me recently “There was always a pub somewhere with Shy”. I like to think that he looks at the album cover to this day and wonders why he ever thought massive blonde hair was a good idea, even in the 80s. So here they are, the definitive (yeah, right) top ten for Shy...

10. My Apollo
9. Give It All You've Got
8. Break Down The Walls
7. Behind Closed Doors
6. Wild, Wild Woman

5. Young Heart
Close behind from EAA is 'Young Heart', a track with an instant singalong chorus and the chance for Mills to stretch his vocal muscles a bit. A lovely solo from Steve Harris (not that one) helps out as well.

4. Can't Fight The Nights
For me, the standout track from 'Excess All Areas'. It' shows a visible progression in songwriting from the previous album and is much better produced, which for me takes away some of the raw power it could have had, but its still a great track.

3. Give Me A Chance
A tremendously catchy (if underproduced) track from the debut, this is a simple piece of poppy rock that flies by in three and a half minutes. Not deep, not meaningful but so full of the energy of a young band it's irresistable.

2. Brave The Storm
Yes, it's my favourite Shy album, so the list is gonna be a bit BTS heavy at times. The title track is an absolute monster, again showcasing the power and range of Mills, aided by a chorus that I still sing along to with perhaps too much vigour.

1. Reflections
One of the best ballads ever warbled, it's never got old for me thanks to Mills' soaring vocals, and even the little acapella bit at the end doesn't grate.

This list by: Alan Holloway

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Individual lists:

Kimmo Toivonen:

10. Walk Through The Fire
9. When The Love Is Over
8. Under Fire
7. Telephone
6. Don’t Jump The Gun
5. Broken Heart
4. Talk To Me
3. Can’t Fight The Nights
2. Break Down The Walls
1. Emergency

Rich Dillon:

10. Reflections
9. Ran Out Of Time
8. When The Love Is Over
7. Can't Fight The Nights
6. Devil Woman
5. Break Down The Walls
4. Young Heart
3. Talk To me
2. Telephone
1. Emergency


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10. Broken Heart
9. Give Me A Chance
8. Brave The Storm
7. Reflections
6. Telephone
5. Young Heart
4. Talk To Me
3. Break Down The Walls
2. Can't Fight The Nights
1. Emergency