This is "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks", in which we take a closer look at particular artist's or band's back catalogue, and choose the 10 finest moments. These are our subjective choices, so if you want to ask how on earth we could leave off such and such song from the list, you can... and the answer is... because we could.

  Thin Lizzy was the first rock band from Ireland to gain any kind of significant recognition outside their country. Lizzy with frontman Phil Lynott and two guitar players had a unique and distinct musical style; very recognisable due to the dark, melancholic vocals of Lynott and the twin guitar sound. This double harmonized lead guitar sound influenced notorious bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

The band boasted some of the most critically acclaimed guitar players such as Eric Bell, Brian Robertson, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Snowy White and John Sykes.. However Thin Lizzy did not achieve widespread recognition until their sixth studio album way back in 1976. Jailbreak was a huge commercial success which was mainly due to their biggest hit The Boys Are Back In Town, which reached place 1 in Ireland, place 8 in the UK and place 12 in the USA.

Seven years later the original Thin Lizzy would release their last album called Thunder And Lightning (1983) and three years later (4 January 1986) ,frontman Lynott died at the age of 36 due to his drug dependency which led to multiple organ failure. Thin Lizzy also released one of the best double live albums of all times being: Live And Dangerous, which was released in 1978. Thin Lizzy has been resurrected several times but it has never been the real Lizzy without Lynott’s distinctive voice and his poetic lyrics, so here’s the Big 10 of real original Thin Lizzy.zy:

10. Whiskey In The Jar
9. The Boys Are Back In Town
8. Jailbreak
7. Don't Believe A Word
6. Cowboy Song

5. Massacre
This rather heavy track, composed by Downey, Gorham and Lynott can be found on their seventh studio album Johnny The Fox, released in 1976. It is a guitar driven rock song with excellent vocals by Lynott and some short ferocious guitar solos by Brian Robertson. The live version on the classic Live And Dangerous double album is even better and this song truly is a Lizzy classic.

4. Suicide
“The paper called it suicide, a bullet from a 45…” That is how this classic up tempo boogie Lizzy song starts and this track can be found on the album Fighting However the live version on Live And Dangerous is far better, mainly due to the soaring lead guitar duel between Gorham and Robertson. Suicide was composed by frontman Lynott and the song was inspired by an episode of the American TV series Perry Mason. It is a great rock song and one of my favourite Lizzy tracks.

3. Still In Love With You
This is truly one of the best rock ballads of all times, originally released on Lizzy’s 1974 album Nightlife. Still In Love With You is widely considered to be Thin Lizzy’s greatest most romantic ballad. Robertson’s guitar solo on the most famous version on Lizzy’s double live album Live And Dangerous is almost magical and breath taking Still In Love With You later became a showcase for each of the Lizzy guitar players. The song is credited to Lynott, but rumour has it that Gary Moore already largely composed Still In Love With You way back in 1969.

2. Emerald
This is a real Irish rock track written by Lynott, who had a lifelong fascination with the history and legends of the Emerald isle. The amazing track is dominated by the duel guitar lead of Robertson and Gorham. Emerald originated from a riff that Lynott had and the song really has a sort of Irishy feel/atmosphere. The guitar solos of Robertson and the twin guitars of him and Gorham are really a Lizzy trademark and established the typical Lizzy sound. The live version of Emerald is even heavier and more guitar dominated and is one of my favourite Lizzy tracks ever!

1. Black Rose (Roisin Dubh), A Rock Legend
This is the title track of the 1979 Thin Lizzy album and features Gary Moore on guitar. This is the ultimate (Irish) Lizzy rock song and it incorporates traditional Irish songs and allusions from William Butler Yeats to the famous soccer player George Best. The song is dominated by the magical guitar melodies and solos by Moore and Gorham. Black Rose was inspired by Lynott’s fascination of Irish history and Celtic myths and legends. Live versions of Black Rose on Life (1983) and One Night Only (2000) are also legendary. Black Rose is Lizzy’s best track ever and should be played at maximum volume: remember Phil Lynott!!

This list by: Martien Koolen,

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Individual lists:

Urban 'Wally' Wallstrom:

10.Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
9. Jailbreak
8. The Holy War
7. The Boys Are Back In Town
6. Emerald
5. Bad Reputation
4. Opium Trail
3. Still In Love With You
2. Waiting For An Alibi
1. Don't Believe A Word

Alan Holloway:

10. Do Anything You Want To
9. Don't Believe A Word
8. Whiskey In The Jar
7. The Rocker
6. Dedecation
5. Chinatown
4. Waiting For An Alibi
3. The Boys Are Back In Town
2. Jailbreak
1. Thunder & Lightning


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10. Suicide
9. Opium Trail
8. Thunder & Lightning
7. Black Rose (Roisin Dubh)
6. Emerald
5. Jailbreak
4. The Boys Are Back In Town
3. Don't Believe A Word
2. Waiting For An Alibi
1. Still In Love With You