Threshold with support act Dead Soul Tribe
De Bosuil - Weert - 10 September 2004

When I heard that these two bands were doing a mini-tour together I found it a rather "strange" combination. The dark, mysterious and sometimes "depressive" music of Devon Graves's band combined with one of the best British prog metal bands ever, is truly an extraordinary "mix". Dead Soul's Tribe last album The January Tree is not really my cup of tea, as it is filled with tracks full of rather doomy guitar riffs, complex rhythm structures and almost no musical solos of any kind. Thank god, they also played a few old songs, because new ones like Spiders And Flies or The Love Of Hate could not really capture my attention for very long. Again, like during other live gigs of DST I truly missed some interesting instrumental passages and of course Devon's lyrics are also not easy to "chew"... Nevertheless a lot of people enjoyed themselves and Devon's charisma is still doing the trick, but musically speaking Threshold were at least a league better. Their latest release Subsurface has not left my CD player in a long time and I was really looking forward to hearing some of the new songs live. Mission Profile (one of my favourite tracks on the new album) opened the set and this song made clear that these guys are in top shape. Although Mac always has little problems during the first two songs with his voice; maybe because he does not warm up his throat in the proper way. The sound quality and the volume were excellent and the set list contained lots of new songs. Ground Control (with an amazing riff), The Art Of Reason (the epic of the new album), Pressure and the absolute masterpiece of the latest album The Destruction Of Words were all welcomed by the audience as if they were already well-known songs. It was funny to see how Mac used papers with the lyrics of the new album, as he was not quite sure what he had to sing sometimes... Well, I can quite understand that because the lyrics on the new album are really "difficult" to memorise... Musically speaking especially Karl Groom stole the show with his magnificent guitar picking and heavenly guitar solos. I really think that this guy is underrated as a guitar player; he plays his guitar so easily it really is pure enjoyment to watch him setting the sound of Threshold. Of course our British proggies also played a couple of "old" songs, like e.g. Fragmentation, Long Way Home or Into The Light. Songs that proved how this band has grown over the years, not that these are bad songs, but the new material is so much better…. At least, I think so…. The band came back for an encore, but still the crowd felt that they had not heard enough. Sadly Threshold called it a day at 24:00 and then they celebrated their tour manager Andre, as it was his birthday on the 11th September. Looking forward to seeing them again on this tour anywhere in Germany. Threshold has become one of my favourite prog metal bands and Mac still looks rather silly in his kilt and funny boots, but as long as he sings well, I really do not care!!! Review for

Rockunited by Review by Martien Koolen
Pictures by Sy "Wooks" Seddon