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Finnish vocalist Jari Tiura has just released his first solo album "King Of Lions" and is currently touring in Finland. We sent him a few questions to answer...

Most of us probably know you from MSG and Stargazery, which other bands have you been in?

J: Hi, Century Lost, Snakegod, Masterstroke and some sessions with Elias Viljanen, Sonata Arctica. For example.

What made you decide to record a solo album?

J: I thought i would be cool to do soloalbum after i left MSG so i asked Sami if he is willing to work with me, and he was. I met so many people during MSG era so there was a little fanbase already and i wanted to continue my career. And the main thing is i love to do new music.

Did you write the songs on your own or with co-writers? Or are some of them from other sources?

J: I wrote the album with Sami Alalahti.

Which songs are the ”cornerstones” of the album, maybe your favourites or otherwise remarkable?

J: Hmmm.. London and Lion of Judah, London because it was written for new MSG album, part of it. Lion of Judah for its' melancholy and spiritual sound.

You have some gigs lined up. Are you going to use the same musicians as on the album?

J: Unfortunately no. We have new line-up and it works really well.

What kind of a set list can we expect, just solo material or also something else?

J: Whole solo album and some covers.

Who do you consider as your main influences?

J: Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, Gillan and many more.

Being a musician isn’t the easiest choice to make a living these days. Do you have a regular job too or are you a full-time musician?

J: I have regular job too. Kids need to be fed :)

A guy from Muse recently said something to the effect that ”bands with electric guitars are a dying breed”. What do you think about that?

J: He's absolutely wrong. These days we have more guitarplayers and other musicians than ever. Young people. We can expect theres gonna be lot of new rock`n roll music with new twists and turns so its non-sense.

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers? Here’s your chance!

J: Check out my debut album. Its unique and catchy as hell. Hopefully we will see
you on the road soon. Keep rocking!!!

Thank You!


Interview by Kimmo Toivonen

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