The Norwegian rockers of TNT has recently managed to replace their lead vocalist, release a new DVD, and appear at the debated Z Rock Festival in U.K. Keyboardist VICTOR BORGE answered some of our quick-q's below.

- Howdy, so, how was Z Rock? I believe this was Tony's first appearance in the UK with TNT?

Borge: Z Rock was a great gig, and fans came to see us all the way from USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway and all over Britannia :-) That really makes you feel good :-) TNT has truly one of the best fan squad in the world!!!

- There's been quite of a debate about the whole Z Rock deal. Do you have any comment about it, now that the gig is behind you?

Borge: No not really!

- You've recently released a new live DVD "Live In Madrid". Are you overall pleased with the outcome? considering there's no interviews, history, discography, or basic info about TNT to be found.

Borge: I am pleased about the gig thinking of there has been no repairs after the gig :-) I think there will be an TNT documentary in the future :-)

- Your honest opinion about using pre-recorded backing vocals live?

Borge: We are using less this days, and it is hard work but fun for Dag, Ronni and myself singing more and more our self :-)

- Judging by the DVD, exactly when did Ronni turn into a 60's hippie with matching hair and bandana ;-)

Borge: Don`t make fun of my mentor...

- I guess it's always kind of difficult to replace a lead vocalist? Do you believe that some fans might Shy [heh!] away from the band, and not even give you a chance to deliver the goods?

Borge: The fans has given Tony Mills a warm welcome, and he is an fantastic singer and person :-)

- What about the general attitude of rock journalists? Does it ever feel like you have to stand up and defend your music to a bunch of narrow-minded tossers?

Borge: Sometimes :-) But you are doing great so far :-)

- Mills does have a similar approach towards singing as the previous geezer (powerful high-pitched vocals). The obvious choice for TNT? Did you ever consider anyone else as the new frontman?

Borge: Yes! But that`s history now! Tony was the man for TNT !!!

- Any chance that Tony will now remove "Mills" in favour of a more Norwegian sounding name [much like the famous Harnell/Hansen episode]. :-)

Borge: No chance :-)

- Could you possibly tell us what were the reasons behind the "break-up" of TNT and Harnell?

Borge: Tony wanted to try something new,and I really wish him the best :-)

- Your opinion about doc's such as "Big Brother"? You did play a show at the BB of Norway/Sweden, merely days prior to the Harnell break-up (and a certain drummer's daughter did participate in BB).

Borge: It was great fun to see all the faces of this youngsters when we turned up :-) I can`t imagine what its like to be locked up for all this weeks.

- Have you written any songs for the next studio album? What kind of direction are you taking with it?

Borge: I have to come back to you on this question.

- The use of "songdoctors" such as Desmond Child etc was and still is a common practise for bands aiming at mainstream success. Have you ever been asked to use "outside" help or song material from outside sources?

Borge: We have our own doctors :-)

- What if TNT had the chance to tour the world with any band out there, which one would be the ideal band for you to support (or to have as a support act).

Borge: Ohh! There are many bands I like to go on tour with :-) Just give us a call!!!

- Thanks for everything, if there's anything you'd like to say, add, or promote, please do:

Borge: Come and see us when we play in your town!!! And best wishes to all of our fans out there :-)

Interview by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom, and Kimmo Toivonen,
Visit the band's website: (c) 2006