Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

It'a funny, but I've never been a big UDO fan and I've still managed to see them live at least five times now. I have to say the band has always played very good shows. Same goes with Accept. UDO might not have as much fans in Finland anymore as they used to, 'cos Nosturi wasn't even full, but the few fans that dragged their butts to see this band (really, where's the metal spirit ?!) seemed to be dedicated fans, knowing most of the songs. Or maybe it was the alcohol talking, like it usually is in Finland when you have the next day off from work.

The support band was new to me and I wasn't too impressed with their music. They were ok, but just not for me. You can catch a lot from their name already. They're a mixture of power metal and industrial sounds basically. The power metal part worked for me, but I've never been into industrial much. Also, the band has no drummer, they play live with a computer and use a lot of keyboards and samples. I prefer a real band. There wasn't much response from the crowd either, maybe they also thought that original, raw heavy metal is what kicks ass the best.

When UDO hit the stage, he really hit it ! And I don't just mean the opening song "Man and Machine". UDO was dressed in what we called "The fly" outfit...hmmm, I mean he looked like a machine really, but if you took a quick look you could've been mistaken there was a huge fly on stage.

The show was a mixture of UDO and Accept songs. Of course they can't forget about Accept! But surprisingly over half of the songs were Accept.

The set list was (second song missing):

Man & machine
Accept:Metal heart
Accept: Midnight highway
Animal instinct
Accept: Living for tonight
Hard to be honest
Accept: Princess of the dawn
In the darkness
Independence day
Accept: T.V. war
Accept: Hard attack
Animal house
Accept: Balls to the wall (during this song one fan actually did just that) [Layout dept: hmm..say what?]
Accept: Screaming for a lovebite
Accept: I'm a rebel
Accept: Fast as a shark
Accept: Burning

I'm sure most of the fans were really pleased about this gig. I was, though I would've liked to hear "Heart of gold". UDO must've played their best show ever in Finland and the show was long enough not to get cranky faces. UDO is still strong and hopefully has many more years in music business, as the new songs are a good continuation to UDO's career.

By Satu Reunanen,
Pix by Kari Helenius