As Prayer cancelled their appearance at UFOR 2006, a new band from Liechtenstein got the chance to open the festival. Lovechild is the name of the band. Fans of the Swiss band SATROX should pay attention, as this band features two former Satrox members, vocalist Werner Schweizer and drummer Danny Zimmermann.

1. Not too many of our readers have ever heard of Lovechild. Please give us a brief introduction!

LOVECHILD is a hard rock band domiciled in the principality of Liechtenstein. LOVECHILD has been existing now for about 3,5 years in the classical combination: voice, guitar, bass and drums. Each one of the members has made his experiences before in different other bands such as SATROX,TESS or SLAM DUNK. The goal of LOVECHILD is to develop step by step from a regional band to an international band. "Soul collector" will be the first official release of the band and includes 12 Songs to be compared best maybe to bands like Dokken, Whitesnake, Bonfire (of course you have to build your own opinion concerning the music).

2. A classic question...Where does the name originate from? Are you perhaps big fans of the Accept song by the same name??

We like Accept and this song, but this was not the reason. The reason was the meaning of the word "lovechild" itself. For us a child of love personifies the pure and original innocence of everything, like it should be with rockmusic.

3. I've heard one song of yours so far, "Perfect Day" which is available at Does this song represent your album well?

Indeed "Perfect day" is a song that might represent the whole album "Soul collector" very well. Of course you will also find songs with different moods; some of them more agressive ("Lion" for example), but some of them are also a bit slower and quiter (like "Battlefield" or "Close"). The band does not want to sound the same in every song... so we are very open to different influences and I guess the sound of LOVECHILD is still developing and growing.

4. You are signed to Escape Music, an UK-based company. How did you cross paths with them?

Well Escape Music might be the perfect choice for us because they really do support bands similar to us. It would not make any sense to go maybe with a company where nobody really has an idea of pure hard-rock or metal. So I guess we can say that we feel very comfortable with Escape Music. The first contact was made by our agent from Switzerland and I think Khalil did like the songs from the first moment. So it's almost logical that LOVECHILD and Escape-Music found together.

5. Lovechild is probably the first band from Liechtenstein that I know of. What kind of a place it is for a rock band to live and work in?

Well Liechtenstein, a independent principality which is situated between Switzerland and Austria, is well known for banks, tax seat companies, insurance companies and other money business. So at first sight this is clearly not fitting together with a hard rock band. By second sight you will find a lot of bands in Liechtenstein and some really talented musicians. We are also very close to Switzerland where the whole music scene of course is bigger and a lot of Swiss musicians find their way to Liechtenstein. All in all you can say that Liechtenstein is not really a bad place to rock... especially younger people are wild and do like our sound very much. We do not mind at all that Liechtenstein maybe is a quite and unknown place in the Hard Rock scene... that might give us the opportunity to work on far away from any pressure.

6. You will be participating in the UFOR in Ludwigsburg, Germany, on 1 October. Are you looking forward to the festival? Are you planning to check out some bands in particular?

Of course we are very happy to play at the UFOR. For us it will be the first step to an international stage and we're looking forward to present our band to such an audience. We also are very happy to play together with such great bands like PRETTY MAIDS or HOUSE OF LORDS. And of course we want to proove that Liechtenstein has more to offer than just banks or money transfers. I'm personally looking forward to meet HOUSE OF LORDS again... we already played together a few weeks ago in Switzerland. Really great band and nice guys.

7. Does Lovechild have something special in their sleeves for this festival?

This is your chance to convince everyone to come early! Well let's say we all are damn hungry to play there and I guess that's the most important thing when you're playing a concert. I really think the people will not regret their early coming and I'm sure they will be surprised in a very positive way. We're really looking forward to have a great time with the people there. So get up everybody and do not miss Liechtensteins best!

Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,
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